Walls for me but not for thee

Caption: The rich elite hiding in there demand that you common scum throw open your borders

The great Jim Goad recently wrote that until the rich?n?famous advocates of open borders handed over their ?keys and allow me to pop by your walled-in mansions any time I want, you all need to shut your lying pieholes?.

The privileged elite who endlessly browbeat we hoi polloi about open borders refuse to practise what they preach. Mark Zuckeberg lives in a multitude of walled mansions. Pope Francis lives in fortress whose walls were specifically built to keep out Muslim invaders. Paul Ryan cowers behind a massive wall. Lily Allen hectored the masses to open their own doors to illegal invaders from the shitholes of the world, but pleaded that, as a multi-millionaire celebrity, well, gosh, she just didn?t have room to bunk up a Nigerian or 30.

Now anti-Trump hag Kathy Griffin has added her fishwife-shrieking to the?strident chorus of elite leftist hypocrisy. Quote:

Kathy Griffin reveals she had to ‘build a wall’ to shield her $10M mansion from her Trump supporter neighbor. End of quote.

Well, fancy that: walls are kind of handy when you have neighbours you don?t get along with. Quote:

Kathy gave?a full tour of the Bel Air property, and explained as she took them out onto a large terrace that runs across the back of it why she ‘had to build a wall… as Trump would say’. End of quote.

Oh, the elite leftist had to build a wall because of a neighbourhood dispute, but how dare all those deplorables ask for the same. After all, they only have to put up with Little People Problems, like brutal MS-13 animals, rampant illegal immigrant crime, and excrement-filled streets. I mean, c?mon: it?s diversity, people! Quote:

‘I have a neighbor on this side and for some reason, ever since my Trump picture, he stands there and screams “Hey you f*****g d**e, you f*****g c**t,”‘ she said. End of quote.

Hmm. For some reason. It apparently never pricks the bubble of these elitist creeps that maybe, just maybe, their constant denigration of anyone who dares disagree with their vapid opinions might just, y?know, annoy people?

It would be interesting, too, to hear the other side of this story, rather than this whining celebrity?s self-serving account. Quote:

While Kathy didn’t identify the man she discussed in Shane’s video, she and her neighbor Jeffrey Mezger, the 63-year-old CEO of KB Homes, have been involved in a legal battle since last year?In January this year, Kathy and Jeffrey faced off in a Los Angeles court after each filing a restraining order against each other.

The two tried to reach a settlement in court but couldn’t agree. End of quote.

So, the solution to bad neighbours is to build walls? That?s what Trump says, too. Gee, Kathy sounds like some kind of fascist deplorable or something.