Way to go Simon, keep the issue in the news why don’t you

Radio NZ reports: Quote:

The National Party is boxing ahead with its own investigation into who leaked Simon Bridges’ expenses to the media after Parliament’s speaker put the kibosh on an official inquiry last week.

On Friday RNZ revealed a person claiming to be a National MP had sent a text message to Mr Bridges and the speaker, Trevor Mallard,?pleading for the inquiry to be stopped?for the sake of their mental health.

That led to?Mr Mallard pulling the plug on the inquiry?saying it was unlikely the text had been sent from anyone outside the National Party.

Mr Bridges remains unconvinced that the leaker of his travel expenses is an MP from his own party.?End quote.

Well of course he is unconvinced, he’s doubled down on his belief that it isn’t an MP. It’s too late to walk that back now.??Quote:

“I’m going to do my part. I’m going to have an investigation and get to the bottom, if I can, of if it is a National MP who is unwell and who needs help, if it is a staffer of mine,” he told?Morning Report?today.

“But the problem is at the moment I do not have a safe basis to say that it is. It may well be someone in the wider parliamentary system or indeed further afield than that.”?End quote.

That’s a fair point, but not one I agree with. This person/s had no qualms about the consequences of their actions on Simon Bridges, but suddenly has realised that the consequences for themselves may be catastrophic. Too bad. If you play with knives long enough you get get cut.Quote:

Mr Bridges said he had kept Mr Mallard informed of the police investigation, and on Thursday he was continuing with an inquiry, announcing it was to be led by a QC.

“On Friday afternoon he stopped it – he canned it. The only thing that’s changed that I can see is the prime minister saying it’s internal matter of the National Party.”

Mr Bridges said neither Mr Mallard nor Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern know the identity of the leaker.

He told?Morning Report?today there was strong support for his leadership, and there was no basis to question that because the party did not know the identity of the individual who leaked the information on his expenses.

“I’ve talked with effectively all of my MPs … they are very united and strong in the fact that actually we don’t think it’s one of us, but if it is let’s help them and lets do what we can.”?End quote.

If you have to say your leadership has strong support, then you don’t.?Quote:

He said police told him they would ensure the person had all the wraparound support they needed.?End quote.

Gay. He should be hunting down this person and cutting their throat.Quote:

Shadow leader of the House Gerry Brownlee said the National Party needed to know who the leaker was and will push ahead with uncovering the person’s identity, after Mr Mallard had washed his hands of an inquiry.

“Well of course we think he’s obfuscated his role as Speaker, but he did so after the prime minister had declared it was a problem for the National Party.

“We will now obviously conduct an inquiry, because we need to know who that person is, to either stamp out a problem, or to in fact wrap around someone who has some serious issues,” Mr Brownlee said.?End quote.

National’s confidence in the Speaker was already low, now it is much lower. Expect fireworks with the return to the house.Quote:

As for any inquiry, the National Party will now deal with it, and Mr Brownlee said there would be very little public comment about how they would go about it. End quote.

Yep, let’s keep it in the news, that’ll help win in 2020.