We want what they’ve got

Hundreds of teachers, parents and students gathered at the Church Steps on Trafalgar St, Nelson, during the national teacher strike. Image Stuff.

The problem with all the strikes lately is that different sectors of public employees are making mileage off the back of previous striking groups.

Nurses called off their planned strike on 5 July after the government put an improved offer on the table.

Teachers who have already taken one day off to strike, are now threatening to escalate to a two-day strike in the hope that the government will come to their party with an improved offer to avert the strike because that is what happened with the nurses. Quote.

Teachers are contemplating escalating to two-day strikes to ramp up the pressure on the Government, after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern criticised them for striking too early.? End of quote.

Our prime minister fell into the trap of comparing the teachers strike with the nurses strike, which is like comparing apples and oranges when she said about the proposed two-day teachers strike: quote.

When you compare where we were with the nurses … there were four offers in total before they made that decision. In this case there has been one, so I think there were still conversations to be had.” End of quote.

Of course, there are always conversations to be had, but rolling over on the threat of further strike action sends a clear message to the watchers as Jacinda reveals her negotiation inexperience.

Yes, there are always conversations to be had around money because it doesn’t matter who you talk to everyone always wants more.

This government has shown its yellow-bellied inexperienced underside around the negotiation table and now every Tom, Dick and Harry in public service is sticking their hands out.

Unfortunately, it’s our money they are playing with.