‘We wouldn’t want to offend anyone’ never ends well

A guest post.

Let?s be frank, Lauren Southern isn?t any more a danger to the public than the homosexual activist who screams that Christians are homophobes or the atheist who publicly shames Christians for believing in fairy tales!

How is it that the Christian public are expected to practice restraint and patience when they are being publicly mocked in the name of free speech, while other groups get a free pass when dealing with the same?

The answer of course is that these other groups are exercising their right to be public hypocrites. They live by their own rules and as true to form hypocrites they fully expect others (in this case law-abiding Christians) to do as the hypocrites say and not as the hypocrites do.

The real source of the problem is not Lauren Southern and company, it is the people who are protesting her right to free speech. These protestors are the problem and are why we now require the unnecessary use of taxpayers? dollars in order to protect Ms. Southern?s right to free speech.??

Why does the Mayor feel that it is necessary to disallow the use of the public venues?

The reason, in a nutshell, is that he is protecting the public from having their feelings hurt and left feeling uncomfortable.

Now all of a sudden there is a condition attached to free speech that the mayor claims to be using for the ?protection? of the ?masses?.

Thanks to this action by the mayor, an event that would potentially be able to hold a massive number of people may well have been reduced to an event hosting a far lesser number due to this sudden ?change in venue?- those of us who are used to coordinating events will understand and appreciate the unique challenges that this one issue presents.

It is obvious that the mayor is of the politically correct opinion that if you say anything that is not politically correct it is considered to be OFFENSIVE by the current ?powers that be? and is, therefore, a form of VIOLENCE.

This is why the ?people? who the mayor purports to represent, condone ACTS OF VIOLENCE against anyone who expresses an opinion that is not considered PC.

There is a saying that has become famous since the attacks of September 11th, 2001 where the lives of 2,984 people were taken by 12 Muslim Terrorists who were also killed bringing the total deaths in those attacks to 2,996.

That saying is ?If you see something, say something!?

Speakers such as US President Donald Trump, Candace Owens, Lauren Southern and Tommy Robinson (just to name a few), have become the new ?Watchmen on the Wall? and we should not be treating them in this disrespectful manner.

In fact, history shows that we would do well to heed their warnings, so if anything we ought to be grateful for their patriotic vigilance.

History shows that before he became a prime minister, Winston Churchill was a ?watchman? for Britain warning the British of the rising danger of Adolf Hitler and the ?Nazi? Party or the National Socialist Party of Germany.

Initially, Churchill was ridiculed in much the same way that Lauren Southern is being ridiculed today that is until Hitler revealed his true colours.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I mentioned US President Donald Trump as being a ?watchman? and this may seem a far-fetched example but all you need to do is to go to YouTube and watch interviews of a young businessman Donald Trump (Pre-?NBC: The Apprentice? days) and you?ll see that he was warning Americans a long time ago of the dangers that a nuclear North Korea represented.

Now that he is US President he has been ridiculed for making a comment about how he had been preparing his whole life for the opportunity to deal with the nuclear danger that North Korea presented.

President Donald Trump was right because as a watchman he would have understood the danger and most likely created his own strategy on how to deal with this situation if he were ever given the chance.

Which brings us back to Auckland and this issue of free speech.

Lauren Southern is here as a ?watchwoman? to sound the alarm.

We ought to give her a chance to speak because as the saying goes, ?forewarned is forearmed? but history shows that we won?t.

There is a universal saying regarding history and its many lessons.

?Those who fail to learn the lessons of history,

Are doomed to repeat them.?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that history is repeating itself!