Whaleoil readers revolt

Just as we asked you to.

You may remember, a week ago, we suggested that everyone should start borrowing the green supermarket baskets to the car to carry your items home, now that supermarkets are no longer giving out plastic bags.

Well, I’m impressed. You have all done so well at it, you have made the news.

Countdown?reports that people are now ‘stealing’ their green supermarket baskets to take their purchases home. quote:

A plastic bag ban has prompted some Dunedin shoppers to walk out of a supermarket’s grounds taking shopping baskets and trolleys with them.

Countdown supermarkets in Dunedin and Mosgiel stopped using single-use plastic carry bags on August 13, responding to concerns about the effect of plastics on the environment.

Responding to a query from the Otago Daily Times, Countdown Dunedin Central store manager Ron Andrew said baskets had been going missing, and his team planned to collect any trolleys and baskets left in the street.

“We’ve seen some baskets go missing this week, which is of course a little disappointing, but we also understand that sometimes behaviour change can be tough.” end quote.

I think it is unfair to call it ‘stealing’. We are simply borrowing the baskets. How else are you supposed to get your groceries home?

Some people are finding this works better than the plastic bags. After all, your groceries are much more secure in the basket.

And it isn’t just Dunedin either. Similar activity has been spotted in Blenheim, Auckland and Lower Hutt. quote:

Andrew said he planned to do reusable bag giveaways in the North Dunedin area to help university students “build their collection”.

People who brought back a basket would be given a reusable bag in return, “no questions asked”. end quote.

An amnesty! How exciting! For borrowing the baskets. I never realised it might come to this. quote:

Andrew said on the whole his store had had “a great response from customers”, most of whom were bringing reusable bags when doing their shopping. end quote.

What else can he say? People are hacked off, they complain at the checkout, and we are losing customers to New World which hasn’t banned the bags as yet?

I think this can be referred to as the ‘law of unintended consequences’ being very much alive and kicking.

This is brilliant, Whaleoilers. Thank you for keeping the faith.

But now I have had another idea.

Well, I was in the Mitre 10 Megastore on Saturday morning and came across these:

You know what you have to do.

And always remember – keep it green. Green is good.