Whaleoil Tip: Share buttons

Share buttons

Whaleoil Tip for today: Share buttons!

You may notice there are some share buttons to your favourite social media platform plus email and print options. Feel free to promote a post with your friends by using that facility. You will find them under the post if you scroll down to the end.

In addition, there are the Disqus share options which again provides a convenient way to share with facebook and twitter communities. If you click on the word share under your comment the buttons will pop up.

Disqus share buttons

Disqus heart/ recommend button

Now, think about how many times in the past where you read an awesome post only to struggle to find it days or months later. This is where the Disqus heart/recommend button comes in handy. Not only will that create an upvote for the post itself, but also save that post in your Disqus account for future reference.

So now your homework. Practice with these buttons this weekend. The next time you think of writing, “Well written article…,” click the recommend or think, “Wow! My friends must read that!” and click a share button!