What an ungrateful bastard, and why Chester Borrows was in the wrong party

Everyone in National knew Chester Borrows was a wet and in the wrong party.

Yesterday he proved it with a dripping wet column in the leftist rag, the NZ Herald: Quote:

Hearing Don Brash express his views never ceases to make me cringe.

Almost everything he says is anti-Maori and the polar opposite to where my thinking is.

Part of the cringe is that I profited from those same views when he expressed them in his Orewa speech back in 2004.

It was then that National’s polling sky-rocketed and, after an approach from then party president Judy Kirk, I decided to stand for Whanganui one more time on a National ticket ? and finally won after failed attempts in 1999 and 2002.

Any serious analysis of the 2005 election makes it clear that the Nats would have struggled but for Brash’s speech.

Those very edgy views were expressed in billboards and further speeches and we candidates stood there and watched.

Not being in power and desperately wanting to win can makes us do things that, with hindsight, we would rather forget.

A change of leadership, thankfully, saw the party take on a different view ? incoming leader John Key made the statement that Maori were tangata whenua within a day of his leadership being announced.

In spite of the meteoric rise from 18 per cent to 45 per cent under Don Brash and his controversial race-related comments, when John Key took over and signalled his opposing view, his polling did not drop but continued to climb. I felt a lot more comfortable.

What a prick. An ungrateful prick. If it wasn’t for Don Brash, this decidedly useless and average candidate would never have made it into parliament, and this is the thanks he gives? End quote.

He at least admits that he was a loser in 1999 and 2002. The figures show he was dead set useless. So it was basically because of Don Brash that he ever got elected in 2005.

Further more he was so dead set useless as a minister that even the wet that was John Key had to let him go.

Now his thanks to the National party is to crawl into bed with Labour and become their pet tory who spews forth in the media when it suits them.

Chester Borrows should make the most of being bent over the table by Labour and enjoy pleasuring them because when the government changes he is never going to get so much as a txt message let alone a phone call from National.

No one trusts a Judas, much less a sopping wet, liberal one.