What next?

A guest post.

Two people, labelled and vilified by a few loud protesters who have never heard them speak, are quietly boarding a flight back to Canada.? The protestors are rejoicing.? The Prime Minister is relieved.? A large number of Kiwis who wished to hear the two are frustrated.

Do we all just get on with our lives and call it ?just another day in paradise??

Or is it something more?? A marker?? Something more sinister? A decisive moment in our history?? A not so subtle, major change of direction?

On the 5th September 1939, trade unionist, socialist and Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage spoke from his sick bed, ?Both with gratitude for the past and confidence in the future, we range ourselves without fear beside Britain. Where she goes, we go. Where she stands, we stand. We are only a small and young nation, but we are one and all a band of brothers and we march forward with union of hearts and wills to a common destiny?.? Britain had declared war on Nazi Germany and we followed.? But his speech was much more than that.? ?

It was a declaration that the great majority of New Zealanders applauded, not just because we were throwing our weight behind the Brits but because it was a strong affirmation that the strong, successful culture that had developed over the centuries was at risk and was worth making the ultimate sacrifice to save.? Western civilisation in its unique British style was under attack and it had to be protected.

Just what was this heritage of British culture that had been refined and tested for a thousand years or more?? What made it so critically important that our Dads and Mums clambered onto ships, and sailed around the world to danger and unthinkable horror for its sake?

  1. Freedom. The personal freedom of individuals from the heavy hand of state coercion. The belief that Jack was as good as his master. That we live and let live tolerating all amount of eccentricity, lunacy, and vile opinion, on the basis that no one is harmed.
  2. The Rule of Law. That laws of the land would be observed by all including the state itself irrespective of any and all differences.
  3. Private Property Rights. Britain?s and its empire?s families grew wealthy and strong on the back of the freedom to buy and sell identifiable property, to sign contracts and be able to enforce them.
  4. The Monarchy and the sovereignty of an elected Parliament. There is a revered and respected authority in the land, for democracy, with no rights of appeal to any other jurisdiction of any nature.
  5. The Institutions. The established way we organise and regulate our activity in the community and the nation, providing for a wide range of needs in an orderly and predictable fashion.
  6. Equality before the Law. No one is treated differently because they are different or belong to a different group. Respect remains among all persons, groups, faiths, ideologies and each is tolerated.
  7. The traditional family. Civil society depends on each generation caring for its own, passing on these values faithfully and providing for the needy.? The stable family unit is essential to a resilient, educated and harmonious society.
  8. Respect for History. All schools, without exception, taught British history, warts and all. It covered a series of obligations and an understanding of how they developed, the evolution of the law and the legal systems and why we esteem them and a record of past achievements inculcating a sense of pride and duty.
  9. The British Character. Anglo-Saxons are stoical, able to laugh at themselves, adopt a stiff upper lip, know how to say sorry, defensive, sometimes proud and reserved, know their place, traditionalists, un-effusive and mostly short on passion, enthusiasm and ambition.? They are characteristics of a people who know that their values and traits are worthwhile.

What has occurred in this last week is that a clamouring, ignorant mob, backed by too many even more ignorant, chicken-livered and feckless leaders have determined to throw those nine great characteristics down the drain.? No, it is not an overstatement.

The reality is that ?the law? is now what we want it to be on the day.? Individual judgements and spurious claims now supersede a thousand years of carefully nurtured mandates.? Judges are prey to the howling mob.

We ? the social media generation – have decided that property is not private.? If the same demanding mob wants access they should take it, we now concede.

We pass ill-considered laws on who can stay in Parliament over-riding democratic process.

We mock and undermine traditional institutions by creating new ones to serve minority interests of little or no merit.

We have decided that some are ?more equal? than others ? Christianity with its historical attachment to and genesis of British history and culture can be ridiculed but Islam is sacrosanct.

We know that fatherless families are potentially disastrous for children and their future but we pay ever increasing amounts of taxpayer?s money to sustain and encourage them.

We eliminate history lessons from school and replace it with lessons in diversity and multiculturalism or we simply rewrite it to appease our latest capricious infatuation. ?We pretend that tribal cultures have something better to offer because the elite said so.

We reject tradition, our British culture, our values honed over the decades because we arrogantly think we know better, we think we are showing maturity and superiority by embracing something different, we reject capitalism despite its years of success and hanker for political systems that keep failing, we are overindulged fools writing our own demise.

The result?? Another vital prop has been kicked out.? The borer is chewing through the foundations.? The once great edifice is crumbling.? What the older generation thought was impregnable is shaking.? What our parents laid down their lives for is trampled over and ridiculed.

Occasionally a Peterson, a Tommy Robinson, a Southern or a Molyneux appears, a Trump is elected, a Farage or a Wilder emerges and the building steadies, but in New Zealand we have too few to speak out with courage and clarity, wedded to truth and tradition.? In fact, our current leadership of every persuasion is happily taking an axe to what remains, ignorantly or cowardly.

Is the die cast?? Is there no room for hope?? Have we passed the point of balance?

If New Zealand?s attitude toward the Canadian visitors is indicative, sadly the answer is ?yes?.