When virtue-signalling costs jobs and the government doesn’t care

So, the government has announced that they want to do away with what they call “single-use plastics bags”, the ultimate virtue-signal of appearing to solve a problem that actually doesn’t exist in New Zealand.

Now the unions aren’t happy because the policy is probably going to costs jobs: Quote:

The Government’s plastic bag ban could cost jobs, says E t?.

Single-use plastic bags will be banned in New Zealand and are to be phased out over the next 12 months, the Government said on Friday.

Retailers rushed to support the ban with many like Countdown, Foodstuffs and The Warehouse already having plans to phase out plastic bags from their shops and supermarkets.

E t? – one of the country’s largest private-sector unions, supports the move but its industry co-ordinator Ron Angel told RNZ the transition needed to be fair on workers.

He believed a few hundred workers were involved in manufacturing plastic bags in this country.

“I think there’s enough time for there to be a transition, most manufacturers make a wide range of other products and they will have an opportunity to change their product line and that sort of thing but it is difficult – one day they’re making plastic bags for supermarkets and now they’re begin told you have to stop within a few months,” he told RNZ.

It’s not huge numbers but every job loss is a job loss and it affects that worker, their family and their community.End quote.

No doubt the prime minister will attempt to frown through her botox and tell those workers that we are transitioning the economy, and they will just have to get used to it, even it it means they lose their jobs. That will just be the price of saying to the world that we no longer have single-use plastic bags anymore.

Every job is clearly not sacred to this government, They’ve killed off Taranaki’s workforce, now they are telling these workers to suffocate themselves in the very bags they make.

I bet another unintended consequence will be people stop picking up dog poo.