When virtue signalling goes beyond a joke

Green MP Julie Anne Genter and her PLASTIC helmet

As the whole world has heard by now? (because the world media has reported on it) Julie Anne Genter got on her bike and rode to the hospital to have her baby induced.

It wasn’t a real bicycle, of course. It was a bike with a lithium battery. A LITHIUM BATTERY! I thought Greenies were totally opposed to lithium batteries!

So, she didn’t really ride a bike as such. Basically, she sat on a small motorcycle. No pedalling, but a significant amount of virtue signalling.

Even so, she still took some significant risks.

As the photo is of Auckland hospital and the Auckland traffic is notorious, this really is a special kind of stupid.

If she chooses to put her own life at risk, then I guess that is her choice, but she put the life of her baby at risk as well and that, as far as I am concerned, is unforgivable.

As she is Minister of Womens Affairs, is this the kind of example she wants to set for all pregnant women?

Heavily pregnant women are notoriously unstable. The centre of gravity is all wrong. It is hard enough walking down the street at full term, let alone riding a bike in Auckland traffic.

There was some story about there not being enough room in the car because of the ‘support crew’.

So exactly what kind of people does she associate with who are going to sit in a car and drive to the hospital while a heavily pregnant woman rides a bike? I assume the ‘support crew’ were taking her bags of maternity gear and baby paraphernalia to hospital. So the bags go in the car and the pregnant woman goes on a bike.

Where was her partner in all of this? Why did he not insist that she take the car and that one of the ‘support crew’ could take the bike?

The whole thing smacks almost entirely of nothing more than extreme virtue signalling. It takes virtue signalling to a whole new level. Trust the Green party to think it is great.

But remember. In supporting this act of sheer madness, the Greens are actually endorsing women taking significant risks with their own safety when they are pregnant.

What is the point of avoiding alcohol, soft cheeses, seafood, chicken and pork all through the pregnancy if you are going to get bowled off your bike on the way to the hospital? Even if it is an e-bike?

And how convenient to have a photographer there just when you need it! Nine months pregnant, just biked to the hospital and hey! Here is an opportunity for a photo shoot.

Did I ever tell you that I think the world has gone mad?

Julie Anne Genter is a disgrace. She put virtue signalling ahead of the safety of her baby, which should be paramount.

It made the ZB News and not only did it make the news but the NEWS of it made the news. The reporter at the 10 am news was almost breathless as she mentioned every news outlet around the world which had picked up on this story. It was as if it was something special. It isn?t special. It was brilliantly staged. Hollywood is missing a star and Leighton Smith, also on ZB, was quite right to say that this was not news.

She just risked the life of her baby.

But instead of pointing that out, the whole world is agog with admiration.

The BBC?picked up the story.

So did?The Guardian?and?The New York Times.

So the moral of the story is that, when you are a Green, there is nothing more important? (NOTHING)? than a photo opportunity to show the world how deep-seated your principles are.

I just think it is a great pity that her first concern was not for her unborn child. Or even for herself, for that matter.