Where are the male teachers?

There has been a discussion in recent days about the lack of male teachers in schools, and this is a very important discussion. Male primary teachers can provide the positive role model for students who come from single-parent families, which is critical because the relationship between adults and children is very important in this stage of a child’s education.

The lack of male teachers is affecting our boys. Many students are now less likely to have a male teacher, with many going through their early education years without ever encountering a male role model.

In 2014, the Principals’ Federation president Phil Harding said

Look at the percentage of children who are living with no father in their daily lives. We see the fall-out from that with boys who have lost their way, are desperately unhappy, and don’t feel they can talk about it with their mum. So that gets all bottled up and rebounds, in the playground, in anger … deep-seated stuff. end quote.

Men treat children differently … more likely to set confronting tasks which will give the child a sense of achievement, and less likely to fuss. Men are also more likely to apply firm discipline, which is important. Without firm rules to be recognised, children will keep pushing the boundaries, usually with progressively worse behaviour, until the adult says ‘Enough!’

When I look back at my primary school years, most of my favourite teachers were male. Somehow I felt more secure with them. Could it have been something to do with firm discipline? In those days we sat up, shut up, and learned? …? or else!

Along with putting the spotlight on the education system, should we also be looking hard at the welfare system? Is the fact that it is so easy for girls to get the family benefit contributing to the problems in our schools?? Let’s remember that the family benefit was introduced to assist women whose marriages had broken and had a family to provide for.

How much did the extreme feminists’ attitudes affect the male/female teacher ratio in schools? That ratio, apparently, currently stands at 12 females to one male.

Another problem that is becoming apparent is that teenage boys without good male influences are ‘sitting ducks’ for gang recruitment and we all know what that means for their futures.


by The Blonde