Which NZ idiot said this about free speech?

Credit: SonovaMin

Yes, that’s right, I called this person an idiot. They will no doubt respond that calling them an idiot is hate speech. As hate speech is?a term?created specifically as a tool to justify shutting down free speech I have no issue at all with this person being offended or upset by the adjective. Quote.

What has become overwhelmingly clear in the midst of the tide of hysteria and hyperbole is that there are many people who don’t really grasp the true meaning of free speech. […]

Free speech doesn’t mean everyone has the right to speak in whatever venue they please. […] end quote.

Ummm yes it does. If they book a venue, pay the deposit and sell tickets, yes they DO have the right to speak in whatever venue they please just like everyone else. Anything else would be discrimination. The fact that both a public and a private venue accepted a booking in New Zealand for Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux and then pulled out at the last minute is totally unacceptable and must be challenged in court which is what the Free Speech Coalition is intending to do.

So who do you think made this statement?

A) Marama Davidson

B) Jacinda Ardern

C) Lizzie Marvelly

D) Don Brash ( just kidding)

E) Phil Goff


Credit: SonovaMin