White male privilege: The worst of all

White privilege

Male privilege

White male privilege – the worst of all.

As someone who is deemed to have ‘white male privilege’ this post is probably written from a position of total ignorance, but I have questions.

I have never felt superior or privileged with respect to women.? My mother and my older sister would not have stood for it and neither would my wife. I would have been roundly and soundly put in my place had I decided to start throwing male privilege around.

Likewise, I believe that my interactions with people of other races have been handled from a place of equality and respect. When employing others it was their abilities and skills for the role that were deciding factors, not their ethnic background.? I well remember my “desk mate”, Wi. (Back in the day we did not have individual desks at primary school and sat in pairs.) Wi happened to be Maori and had the ability to sketch with his left hand whilst simultaneously writing down the answers to the spelling test with his right hand. I was (and still am) extremely awed by that ability and did not feel privileged with respect to Wi.

I know there are those that will say it is so buried in my subconscious that I am totally unaware of it oozing out of my pores etc, but is this really the situation?

My question is then:?By implying there is some superior status due to white male privilege, are they implying their own, or others’, inferiority?

It brings to mind a saying that has been attributed to?Eleanor Roosevelt, the diplomat and former First Lady.? It seems that she was never actually recorded as saying these exact words. She implied the sentiment in speeches that are on record but the particular phraseology seems to have been a distillation of the intent of? Eleanor Roosevelt.

The saying is:?No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I have no idea when I first heard it but it is a saying that has stuck with me.

Are those who claim that I have white male privilege really just saying that they, themselves, have decided to feel inferior to me?

Are the perpetual OOBOOs (offended on behalf of others) suggesting that there are classes of people that are inferior to white males?? Is this not a sexist and or racist position for them to take?? Are they making excuses for people because they are neither white or male?? Is there some form of corporate guilt that must be exorcised?

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