Why I can’t soldier on

Medicine should be?getting more effective not less effective but thanks to our government taking the vital ingredient out of Codral I can no longer soldier on.

All week I have been working while tears course down my cheeks and surrounded with soggy tissues. In the wonderful days before Codral and other effective flu medicines were rendered practically useless by the government I would have been able to be out of bed working in relative comfort no matter how ill I was.

Any politician who gets the law changed so that my cold and flu drugs actually work will get my vote right now. I have been at death’s door for 7 days now and I have had a guts full. Innocent?consumers are paying the price because of the actions of criminal gangs who manufacture P. The law change has not stopped the manufacturers of P as the gangs simply import what they need in containers from overseas. The law made zero difference?so it needs to be overturned.

They can always restrict it in the same way that they restrict other medicines which means that the chemist has to record your name when you purchase it but that will be a small price to pay to get my hands on drugs that actually work.

Right now I have reached the point where I just want someone to put me out of my misery. I want to soldier on but without original recipe Codral I can’t.