Will Australia bring the banhammer down on Manning, too?

Caption: Free speech for me, but not for thee. The left try to ban speakers they don’t like, but a traitorous tranny is a-ok.

Left-wing activists have campaigned for endless bans on people whose views they don?t like being allowed into Australia. Lefty screaming fits have targeted speakers from Roosh V to Milo Yiannopoulos and Lauren Southern.

Whether you or I like what any of those people say is irrelevant: none of them are criminals, just controversial. The left doesn?t like them, so they resort to trying to bully governments into using the nebulous ?good character? test to ban ideas they don?t like being spoken on our shores. If that fails, they send their paramilitary attack dogs out into the streets.

They aren?t happy at all however when the same test is applied to people they do like. Even convicted criminals. Quote:

Convicted US whistleblower Chelsea Manning may have her visa application denied by the federal government just days before she begins a speaking tour of Australia?The government is reportedly considering refusing entry to Ms Manning – who was released from military prison in 2017 – under s501 of the Migration Act, according to Fairfax Media. End of quote.

This comes at the same time as Manning is facing a ban across the ditch, as well. Quote:

Ms Manning is also facing calls to be barred from New Zealand with the centre- right National Party urging the government to decline her visa request, saying she was a ?felon?.

New Zealand?s immigration department says it?s received an application, which will be looked at by senior officials in the first instance, with a right to appeal to the minister in charge. End of quote.

Just like the green-left hypocrites of New Zealand, Australia?s lefties are suddenly discovering that they do want to defend free speech, after all. Just so long as it?s speech they approve of. Left-wing blog Gizmodo reports that: Quote:

Left-wing activists in Australia are crying foul and believe that the country is discriminating against progressive speakers. End of quote.

Labor MP Penny Wong, who openly called for Roosh V to be banned from Australia, leapt to the defence of Manning. Quote:

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong said it was “up to the government to explain why they are doing this”. End of quote.

Far-left clickbait site Buzzfeed whines that: Quote:

The government has recently granted visas to other controversial speakers, including Milo Yiannopoulos and Lauren Southern. End of quote.

None of those have criminal convictions. Manning does.

I don?t like Manning. He is a traitor to his country, who recklessly exposed fellow Americans and others to torture and death. It?s not known if anyone was actually killed because of his activities, not least because even that would be classified, but the fact remains that Manning broke laws specifically designed to keep people from the risk of being killed. If someone recklessly discharged a firearm in a crowded place, it doesn?t matter whether anyone was actually hit.

That doesn?t matter, though. Manning has served his sentence and is highly unlikely to offend while in Australia and New Zealand. This is a free speech issue. Whether I like what Manning says is inconsequential. ?If you?re really in favour of free speech,? as Noam Chomsky says, ?Then you?re in favour of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise?.

What this exposes is the absolute hypocrisy of the left. At the same time as they use violent paramilitaries to crush speech they don?t like, they whine and scream like petulant toddlers when someone they do like is perfectly legally refused entry to Australia.

They can?t have it both ways.