Winnie’s toughest moment

Winston Peters

Winnie finally appeared on the TV3 AM show on Wednesday morning after getting his knickers in a knot following a previously aborted appearance then a humble pie apology from Duncan Garner.

After a bit of beating around the bush in typical Winston fashion, Garner asked him what was the toughest part of his role as acting Prime Minister. Winnie said:

“The toughest part is right now when I get up this morning and the first item on the news is the teachers are going on strike. Now that is tough because you kind of think to yourself, we’ve done our best as a coalition with the support of the Greens to be responsible about the human face of professionals in this country, nurses, doctors, teaches and people like that, and that part is tough. Otherwise it’s been a breeze and I have to thank my colleagues for helping me do that.” End quote.

Why do we get the feeling that Winnie is making this up as he goes along?

We do know why he is so out of touch though, it’s because he’s been relying on mainstream media!

But unfortunately, he’s still not up to speed because primary teachers signalled almost a month ago on 3 July that they planned strike action. Where were you then Winnie? Quote:

“Primary school teachers and principals will strike – their first industrial action in New Zealand since 1994 – after rejecting a pay offer from the Government.

The New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI), which represents about 27,000 primary school staff, said members voted “overwhelmingly in favour” of a half-day work stoppage in August, and are now discussing whether to extend the strike to a full day.” End of quote.

We are still waiting for Winnie to keep promises dished out on the campaign trail such as revisiting the highly controversial anti-smacking law and holding a referendum to abolish Maori seats in parliament.? Perhaps he’s forgotten that he made them.