Winston still pushing for Maori seats referendum

Winston Peters is continuing his push to get rid of Maori seats: Quote:

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has reiterated his intent to push for a referendum on the future of the M?ori seats in Parliament.

Mr Peters told SKY News Australia New Zealand does not need separate M?ori seats, and never has.

“The principle reason why I’m for a single franchise is that M?ori don’t need the molly coddling of this paternalistic attitude which, unfortunately, M?ori have now adopted,” Mr Peters said.

“The fact of the matter is if we want to be equal then we have to step up and be equal – and we can be.”

Mr Peters said there is currently a bill in the committee stages which includes an option for Parliament to vote on whether there should be a referendum on the future of the M?ori seats. End quote.

This is a smart play, though Chris Trotter will disagree in his INCITE column later this morning.

I think it is a smart move because Winston has seen Simon Bridges equivocate over Maori seats. Bridges delivered up a sopping wet reply when asked about it and therefore he has left an opening for Winston Peters to exploit. It is doubly smart because what is Bridges to do? Go against his own party’s policy? Go against what his members want?

Bridges can hardly argue against a referendum and now Winston Peters owns the debate. Once again Simon Bridges has shown how out of touch he is,