With leaders like this, no wonder Melbourne has an African gang problem

Caption: Just another night of cultural diversity in Melbourne

As Melbourne?s African gang crime wave rampages unabated, politicians and police search for answers. Or, failing that, excuses and blame-shifting. Anything, it seems, other than actually arresting the rioting gangs of criminals.

As always, no problem is so urgent or so manifest that politicians won?t resort to their favourite avoidance tactic, a good old ?community taskforce?. Of course, these invariably amount to little more than getting a few members of some noisy special interest group ( sorry, ?stakeholders? ) on the government payroll to (eventually)? churn out a ?report? that no-one will ever read. But, at least appearances are maintained.

Unfortunately, the ?African Australian Community Taskforce?, which was set up to ?deal with? those pesky non-existent African gang crimes, seems to have its own problems with its members committing crimes. Quote:

Allegations of assault, theft and physical threats have rocked Victoria?s South Sudanese Community Association ousting the chairman, deputy chairman and secretary general. End of quote.

Assault, theft and physical threats? Weren?t those the very crimes the not-African-gangs have been continually not-committing (or so we’re continually lectured)? Criminality, it seems, starts at the top. Quote:

The association posted the leadership change on Facebook following a special general meeting last weekend.

Former chairman Ring Mayar, deputy chair Awan Kuol and secretary general Deng Lual Majak were removed following a vote of no confidence, the social media post said.

It said the men were removed on grounds of breaching the constitution, mismanagement of office affairs and promoting division among community members among other allegations. End of quote.

?Promoting division?, eh? The very thing these ?community leaders? have been accusing anyone who?s been racist enough to wonder why those gangs committing the carjackings and vicious assaults, trashing peoples? homes, and rioting in the streets, nearly always appear to be ?of African appearance?. Quote:

The South Sudanese Community Association is a member of the African Australian Community Taskforce which was set up to help Victoria police deal with youth crime. End of quote.

Perhaps they might start by not committing crime themselves.

But, as usual, the Victorian rozzers are fearlessly hunting down these crimes with dogged determination and zero tolerance. Quote:

[Victoria Police Commander Stuart Bateson] told 3AW police had followed the social media posts and spoken to members. End of quote.

Which is pretty much all they did when hundreds of African youths were rioting in Melbourne, last week. Well, at least they?re consistent at doing sweet Fanny Adams about African crime.