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leonine (adj) – 1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a lion.
2. Resembling or suggestive of a lion, as in being powerful or dignified.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology ­čśĽ The English adjective leonine comes from Latin le?n?nus, a derivative of the noun le? (inflectional stem le?n-), a borrowing from Greek l??n (inflectional stem l?ont-). L??n is not a Greek word, but it does look somewhat like Hebrew l?bh?; both the Greek and the Hebrew nouns may be borrowings from a third language. The Greek historian Herodotus (484?-425? b.c.) and the philosopher Aristotle (384-322 b.c.) both assert that lions were rare in Europe in their day but were still found. Leonine entered English in the 14th century.