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pacify (verb) – 1. (a) To ease the anger or agitation of (a person or the mind, for example).
(b) To calm or soothe (a feeling, such as anger).
2. (a) To end war, fighting, or violence in (a region or country), especially by military force.
(b) To subdue or quell (an insurrection or conflict, for example).
(c) To cause (a group) to end a rebellion or other violent action.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Late 15th century, “appease, allay the anger of (someone),” from Middle French pacifier “make peace,” from Latin pacificare “to make peace; pacify,” from pacificus “peaceful, peace-making,” from pax (genitive pacis) “peace”. Of countries or regions, “to bring to a condition of calm,” circa 1500, from the start with suggestions of submission and terrorisation.