Would Rosemary please make up her mind

“I’m in favour of anyone who challenges orthodoxy instead of just giving up,” says McLeod.

Opinion writer Rosemary McLeod got all uppity just a week or two ago about Lauren Southern and what she had to say.? See posts here and?ibdkiwi’s post?which expressed it well:? Quote.

Well, ah?ll be?y?know, if what you?re sayin? is true, that?d make the McLeod woman jus? a two-faced, one-eyed, self-centered coward fer not speakin? out an? supportin? ?free expression? […] End of quote.

An earlier post about another topic was headed “Rosemary McLeod?s double standards” so I guess it should be no surprise to see that Rosemary has flipped again and now supports free speech for all.

The Stuff article?even highlighted her quote as the byline for the photo:? Quote.

I wish because behind even the loonier things [Germaine Greer] says there’s ? on some level ? a point that deserves attention. Besides which, I’m in favour of anyone who challenges orthodoxy instead of just giving up, which most of us do, wearily, to avoid an inevitable quarrel. End of quote.

Maybe Rosemary does not support free speech for all, just the geriatric feminists of her generation?

Her piece is about a situation where an event organiser has ‘de-platformed’ Greer from the Brisbane Writers’ Festival because what she might have said might have triggered the #metoo people.? That debate is another topic altogether and not the focus of this post.

The kicker comes with Rosemary’s summing up of the situation:? Quote.

I wonder how [the women going to the Brisbane Writers’ Festival] feel about being patronised by the organiser’s decision to protect them from an elderly woman who says naughty things.

I’d be furious. I have a right to be bloody annoyed.? End of quote.

So if we change the situation:

I wonder how [the people going to hear Lauren Southern] feel about being patronised by Phil Goff’s decision to protect them from a woman who says provocative things.??I’d be congratulating Goff and mocking the Free Speech Coalition in my next column. I have a right to be bloody annoying.

Rat attack‘s comment on the Stuff article puts it plainly:? Quote.

What an incredible hypocrite you are Rosemary. A couple of weeks ago you wrote a column bagging the Free Speech Coalition who are challenging Phil Goff’s decision to prevent Lauren Southern form speaking. In this week’s column you say how patronizing it is for the organizers to protect people from an elderly woman who says naughty things.

But I guess the difference is that the Free Speech Coalition is made up, in your words, of “old white men” so they have no right to express an opinion whereas an old white woman can. End of quote.

By all means, have an opinion, it is a free world. And if you are fortunate enough to be given a media platform to express that opinion, go for it.? Free speech for all.? However, it really would help if there was a little more integrity and a little less situational ethics on display.