Would you like fries with your propaganda?

‘Oh! What a tangled?web we weave when first we practice to deceive.’

So we all know about the debacle in Australian politics. You do have to wonder how a country as economically stable as Australia manages to be so unstable politically. I mean, when the meme came out yesterday – “It’s OK Australia – only 3 more prime ministers until Christmas”, you may have laughed, as I did, but you had to acknowledge that there is at least a small element of truth in what they were saying. Australian prime ministers seem to last as long as the average plastic bag. Single use is the term these days.

But rest assured, people of New Zealand. We can all be snug in our beds tonight.?This article?will make you feel secure. quote:

Australia?s leadership crisis has some Kiwis reflecting on how lucky we are here ? none more so than Clarke Gayford.

Australian comedian and TV presenter Peter Helliar dished out a piece of advice to New Zealanders yesterday, telling us to ?hold your Prime Minister tight tonight, you don?t know how lucky you are?.

Solid advice for sure, and something Jacinda Ardern?s partner will have a much easier time than the rest of us in doing. end quote.

Just because the Australians are having some issues with their premier does not mean that we are totally okay. There is absolutely no correlation at all between the two situations. None whatsoever. We are not lucky at all.

I mean, Zimbabwe was secure under Robert Mugabe from 1980 until 2017. Wasn’t that wonderful? Fidel Castro governed Cuba from 1959 to 2008. What a hero! I hope Cuba held him tight indeed. Actually, I think they did, but I’m not sure it was by choice. quote:

It seems some of our neighbours are keen to claim a piece of Jacinda too.

Replying to Helliar?s tweet one Australian wrote: ?Can?t Australia just do what it does best and claim @jacindaardern as their own??

Another took it one step further asking, ?Actually NZ, can you invade us please??

Hands off Australia. You can keep Russell Crowe, but Jacinda is ours.? end quote.

Oh yes. You can have Jacinda. Please take her. She will soon have you overrun with boat people and refugees from Manus Island and Nauru. She will point her finger at you and tell you that you are naughty and then she will make a captain’s call and destroy your mining industry because Greenpeace presented her with a petition from 200 people.

Then she will take it all to New York next month and tell the U.N. what a great job she is doing forcing their agendas on people who just want to live a decent life.

If ever the Australians needed a bit of education in – “Be careful what you wish for – you might just get it”, this is it.

I agree that the Aussies seem to roll their PMs too often, but this is a parliamentary situation, rather than an electoral one. Too many jackals in the house. Although I leave it to my excellent colleague, Lushington Brady to make insightful comment into the actual political situation in Australia, let me just offer a few thoughts regarding our situation on this side of the Tasman.

Jacinda did not win an election. Her party did not win an election.

Jacinda has no business experience and very little real-life experience.

Having a baby while in office does not make you a great prime minister.

Virtue signalling does not make you a great prime minister.

Wagging your finger at your closest neighbour because you don’t agree with their immigration policy does not make you a great prime minister.

Nothing Jacinda has done so far makes her a great prime minister. It doesn’t even make her a good one. It makes her a virtue signaller.

If that is what you want, Australia, then by all means, take her for your own.

Because she will wreck your country as rapidly as she is wrecking ours.

Go for it, if that is really what you want.

But you don’t.

The fact that we don’t change prime ministers as often as you do does not make us stable. In fact, many of us wish we could do what you do more often. Much more often.

So you can hold her as tight as you want, Australia. We would rather we didn’t have to.

But what a great piece of propaganda it really is.