125th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

It has become increasingly clear that any semblance of neutrality within the Fourth Estate towards certain factions of political ideology in this country has been well and truly abandoned.

I am referring to the recent announcement made by an Auckland newspaper that the current Prime Minister will be acting as a Guest Editor on the 19th of September, in recognition of the 125th anniversary of?the Electoral Act of 1893 being formerly passed?in New Zealand.

The separation of powers; whether they are elected or unelected, is a fundamental tenet of a well-functioning Liberal democracy.

While it would be extremely na?ve to posit that such separations are well established, firmly entrenched and completely free from common influence; the veneer of incorruptibility and independence from one another is not something to be easily set aside without tempting far reaching and unhealthy implications.

Therefore, I hold a fundamental objection to such a flagrant disregard for this basic core principle of open and honest governance.

But this is not my only criticism.

While I believe that Prime Minister Ardern will approach this opportunity with a great deal of passion and integrity, I am not of the belief that she is the best person to be awarded such an auspicious role.

I have a question for the people who govern the content and context of the newspaper in Auckland and my query is centred on the word ?if?.

If you are truly intending to mark this historic precedent in as open and transparent manner as you purport, then why not give this role over to someone who would shed more light on the current reality facing many women in this country?

Why not go out and find the most miserable and downcast sex worker in Auckland and give her the reins as guest editor?

Or maybe contact the local Women?s Refuge and see if any of their?current guests would like to share some time and thoughts on the challenges they have faced in their lives?

Auckland is reported to be brimming to the gunnels with homeless at the moment. Maybe seek some editorial guidance from this transient community?

And not just for a day. Perhaps a week? Heck; give them a year.

But this would be too much.

Too much truth and honesty, after all, is not a product to be eagerly sought after by the general public, at least not according to the largesse of members of the Secound Estate who presume to know better. Those that cocoon themselves away in bubbles of their own making; largely immune to the sufferings of the many and only ever showing concern when directly affected or wishing to advertise social virtue.

For now, we must endure their vacant platitudes and tolerate the hypocrisy akin to the mainstream media.

So I wish the Prime Minister all the best in this coming endeavour, and while I question?her suitability I do believe she will take on the role with all the good grace and sincerity it surely deserves.