1,500 supporters show up for Tommy Robinson?s court case

A report from Ezra Levent via e-mail

I?m standing outside the Old Bailey, the central criminal court of London, where the most serious crimes in the UK are tried ? terrorism, murder and the like.

And, bizarrely, today that court heard the minor civil contempt of court case against Tommy Robinson.

This is Tommy’s fourth court hearing in that ongoing saga ??and the only result of today?s briefing hearing was to schedule yet another hearing ? a month from now.

So the contempt of court case still hangs over him.

Nothing about Tommy Robinson?s case is right.?His improper conviction in Leeds in May; his abusive treatment in prison; the Attorney General?s obsession with getting him a second time.

It was depressing for that reason.?But it was incredibly encouraging because of what was happening outside the court: 1,500 cheering Tommy supporters.?And after Tommy left the courtroom, he stayed outside for hours, talking to everyone he could.

I?ve filed several video reports about today?s events ? especially the crowds outside.

To see all of my reports, visit?www.TommyTrial.com.

I promise I?ll keep reporting the truth about Tommy, just as long as the mainstream media keeps lying about him!

-Via e-mail