Golriz Ghahraman’s victimhood status advanced her political career

Golriz Ghahraman aged attending school in Iran Source/ Facebook

Ms Golriz Ghahraman?s Green Party profile states,

Golriz is an Iranian-Kiwi refugee, lucky to escape war and persecution as a child. end quote.

In an NZ Herald article, 7 October 2017, it states,

Most of Golriz Ghahraman’s childhood memories are of war.? She remembers howling sirens, sending families scurrying into basements.? She remembers people being trapped. end quote.

In her Maiden Speech to Parliament, Golriz said:

I remember the bombs and the sirens, running to a basement and just waiting.? But mostly I remember kids my age who stopped talking from the shell shock, and I still don’t know what happened to them. end quote.

In an NZ Herald article on 11 September 2018, she no longer claims any of this.? She walks away from it all. When she is asked why her family left Iran she says, ?For political reasons.?? That?s all.

Digital image credit: Technomage

Gone are the claims of war, persecution, missile attacks, bombs, bombing attacks, air raid sirens, people trapped under rubble, children not speaking, graffiti artists disappearing and ending up in unmarked graves and childhood memories of war.

All gone.

She claims that ?To gain refugee status we had to go through a lengthy investigation process?.? As she was 9 years old at the time, how does she know?? She would not have been interviewed.? How long was this ?investigation? process?? She does not indicate any of the claims made, even a hint, apart from ?political reasons?.? As she must have been informed about this by others, what did they tell her?? Golriz will not say, just that, ?Dad doesn’t talk about it much because of the stigma of being a refugee?.

Golriz claims that ?Being a refugee has never helped; it’s just obscured everything else.?? If so, why repeat the claim on so many occasions?? She constantly refers to it in speeches and in writing.? It is the first thing on her Green Party profile.? If she did not use it to enter Oxford University, then she can prove it by releasing a copy of the application documents.

The fact is that Golriz has been dining out for years on the claim of being a ?refugee?, ?child refugee? and ?Iranian refugee?.? It has advanced her political career.? If she was just a migrant from Iran, would that have opened so many doors?

When challenged about her claim to be a refugee, she plays the victim card.? In the 11 September 2018 NZ Herald article, she claimed to be trolled by paid commentators, their hangers on acting in a co-ordinated way and by people who do not like that she is from Iran.

The victim card is played?again.

Golriz has misled the NZ Parliament in her claims of war and persecution.

She has misled the people of New Zealand.? She continues to mislead them.

She has taken advantage of her family moving from Iran to New Zealand when she was a child, which has led to financial gain as a Member of Parliament.

Golriz will not resign because she has no shame.? The Green Party must remove her, now or at the next election.


by Ratbag