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Massey Vice-Chancellor caught out

You have probably been following the news this week on Massey University’s?release of the internal correspondence we requested under the Official Information Act, which reveals the Vice Chancellor’s real reason for banning Dr Don Brash from Massey’s campus.

If you’ve not caught up with the news – here is a quick summary:

Massey?lying over cancellation of Brash speech

A team of Free Speech volunteers have been trawling through the material. We now have a detailed timeline and one of our members […] blogged further details see: The Massey?free speech timeline
Tertiary Education Union backs the ban!

To my astonishment, […] the Tertiary Education Union – the?very?union that should be protecting academic freedom?- came out and backed the?Vice Chancellor’s actions

They said: quote.

[…] What?s most regrettable though, is that the Vice-Chancellor did not just come out and say that anyone failing to respect the values of Massey University, particularly its obligations as a Te Tiriti led organisation, is not welcome to share those views on campus. Yes, they are free to speak their mind elsewhere, but not at any?public institution that prides itself on rejecting the sort of loathsome, race-based views propagated by Hobson?s Pledge. […]

The views the Vice-Chancellor was seeking to keep off campus have no place in Aotearoa New Zealand. They should not be encouraged, respected, nor accepted, especially not under the banner of free speech.end quote.

As an academic, and a member of the TEU, I am deeply disappointed with the Union.?Of all places in society, a university campus should be where controversial ideas are debated and where ideas are challenged. It is vital that students are exposed to a diverse range of thought and able to think critically about all subjects, else academic standards will be biased to certain dogmatic ideologies rather than a rigorous application of knowledge through higher order thinking skills.

I have written to the TEU to express my concern and record that it does not speak for me. You can read my letter here.

This is precisely why the Free Speech Coalition needs to continue.

[Here] is the Coalition’s response to the TEU. It is a powerful defence as
it comes from a 22-year old student who has been helping the Coalition
since day one.

If it wasn’t for the Free Speech Coalition, no one would be calling out
the TEU for the betrayal of its principles. Without the Coalition, we
would never have got to the truth of the Vice Chancellor’s actions.

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Dr David Cumin
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