A real seal wearing a wig would have done a better job

It was seal clubbing in parliament yesterday, Kelvin Davis and Clare Curran were bashed mercilessly. The Whaleoil Hakapik Award?for parliamentary seal clubbing of the week goes to Melissa Lee: Quote:

Embattled minister Clare Curran is struggling to explain her use of a personal email account to conduct Government business.

Curran has already been stripped of two of her portfolios after she failed to be upfront about dealings with people related to her portfolios.

Under a?tough line of questioning in the House?on Wednesday?from National MP Melissa Lee, it was revealed Curran had used a personal Gmail?account for official Government business.

Formerly the minister of open government, her use of a Gmail account raises questions over the security of Government information handled in her office as well as issues of transparency.

Curran stumbled over her answers in Parliament’s debating chamber, as she was forced to admit that?Government business was conducted on her personal email. She was not forthcoming with a response about why she used her Gmail account for official business from “time to time”.

Asked “what Government business has she conducted via her Gmail?account”, Curran appeared flustered and claimed she’d answered the question before being told by the Speaker she had to answer it directly – she then required Lee to ask it again.

Curran answered: “To the best of my recollection, um, ah, ah, I?haven’t, um, I haven’t used my, um I’ve answered um OIA, ah, ah, OIA responses and personal, um and parliamentary questions correctly and to the best of my recollection, um, ah, you know, that, that has, that’s what I’ve done.” End quote.

She should be sacked. She is utterly useless. But you have to back talent, Curran has a lot of it. She has excelled at Making Melissa Lee look like a star. If National let her have a crack at making Jo Hayes look good I would wager pretty heavily on Curran being able to do that as well.

My only real concern is that tomorrow Melissa Lee won’t get a question,?because national treat question time like Kiwi Cricket.

If they give her a question here is my suggestion for a question line; “Does the minister stand by all her statements?”

Followed by; “What did she mean when she said in Q12 yesterday “um, ah, ah, I?haven’t, um, I haven’t used my, um I’ve answered um OIA, ah, ah”?