All for the UN’s benefit

If there was ever any doubt that Jacinda’s determination to increase the refugee quota was entirely aimed at impressing the UN during her visit to New York this month, that doubt has been completely dispelled.?One News?reports that this announcement will give New Zealand ‘strength’ ahead of the UN summit. quote:

Yesterday’s refugee quota announcement, paired with the ban on oil and gas exploration announced in April, will give Jacinda Ardern more credibility and a stronger hand while attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York next week, she said.

“Of course, doing your part adds to your weight that you’re able to bring to the debate,” she told 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch McKay in a one-on-one interview today. end quote.

Even though the vast majority of people here in New Zealand do not want to increase the refugee quota? Even though your own coalition partners point out that we have a housing crisis here already, which will only be made worse by this move? quote:

During what will be her first UN General Assembly meeting, the Prime Minister has been chosen to deliver a number of keynote addresses, including for the opening of UN Climate Week. In devising her strategy for the week, Ms Ardern said she turned to our past.

“Nuclear proliferation is a great example,” she said. “New Zealand’s always been looked to as an exemplar because we’ve always taken a firm stance and we’ve acted on it. On climate change I hope we’ll be seen in the same way. But yes, the refugee quote is about us doing our bit in response to a humanitarian crisis.” end quote.

I really don’t know why she keeps going on about the nuclear issue. Yes, David Lange stood up to the big, bad USA and refused to accept their warships into our ports, in case they were armed with nuclear weapons. The result was decades in the cold with our allies, which was only thawed by John Key’s relationship with Obama. International relations matter, although clearly, Jacinda doesn’t think so. quote:

Ms Ardern announced yesterday that starting in 2020 New Zealand will help resettle 1500 refugees here per year, 500 more than the current amount and double what it will have been just five years earlier. The move has been hailed by the Red Cross and other humanitarian groups. end quote.

Yeah… in 2020. Something does not smell quite right here. If she had her way, she would be shipping in boatloads of refugees right now. So why 2020? Why does it have to wait?

Well, the reason is obvious. She has placated Winston, given him something in return, and has got him to agree to a quota increase two years out… which might actually be after the next election.

In other words, like capital gains tax, we may be voting on this in 2020. Bring it on.

In the meantime, she can go off to New York, looking like the new star on the horizon who will say all the right things at the UN addresses that she attends. She will not give a single thought to those of us back home who really hate what she is doing to our country, and what she intends to do in the future.

If you were in doubt before, now you are not. Jacinda wants to impress the UN. She doesn’t give a toss about the people at home. That’s you and me, by the way.