Angry Andrew Little’s Ngapuhi negotiation style

This photo was taken during recent Ngapuhi treaty negotiations at the Copthorne Hotel on 11 August at Opononi and has been passed around numerous people in Ngapuhi as an example of the way Andrew Little is handling negotiations.

The body language on display is telling. The furrowed brow, the angry eyes, the hard set mouth and the fist with the pulsing vein on his arm tells us everything you need to know. It seems that it isn’t just Meka Whaitri who appears to have anger and violence issues.? ?

Word has it, that despite news reports to the contrary, little progress is being made, and attitudes like those displayed in the photo may contribute to setting back any progress made by Chris Finlayson by at least ten years.

Andrew Little’s hubris is getting him in trouble. He should have realised that if it hadn’t been solved in 25 years and Finlayson said they needed to axe their leaders then it was going to be near impossible to sort it all out in the timeframe he thought it could be done in.