Anyone know a good human rights lawyer?

Caption: Palestinians peacefully prepare to peacefully fly a peaceful incendiary device decorated with a peaceful swastika into Israel

Leftists and Islamic supremacists like to get themselves all worked up about ?war crimes? allegedly committed by Israel. At the same time, they studiously ignore the enormities of their beloved Palestinians. Similarly, the United Nations obsessively focuses on Israel, to the almost complete exclusion of every other despotic regime on earth ? Hamas not least.

Israel is trying to call them to account. Quote:

A group of Israeli farmers traveled to The Hague on Monday and filed a war crimes complaint with the International Criminal Court (?ICC?) against top Hamas officials for what they called fire kite terror during the Gaza border crisis.

The complaint was drafted by Shurat Hadin ? Israel Law Center and co-signed along with the farmers by a much larger group of 50,000 concerned individuals worldwide to try to turn the tables on the Israel-critics who have accused the IDF of war crimes for shooting around 170 Palestinians during the crisis.

They called on the ICC prosecutors to investigate alleged war crimes committed by Hamas leaders Khaled Mashal, Saleh Arouri, and Zaher Jabarin.

More specifically, they requested a probe of their alleged orders to use fire kites and other terror to breach Israel?s border and murder civilians as well as torching thousands of acres of agricultural fields. End of quote.

This complaint will almost certainly be dismissed out of hand by the ICC. The UN and its associated bodies are obsessed with Israel, to the exclusion of almost anything else. Bodies like the UNHRC and the ICC have passed hundreds of resolutions against Israel: many times more than against the rest of the world combined. In 2015 alone, the UN passed 20 resolutions against Israel ? and just 3 against all other countries combined.

At the same time, the UN doesn?t just ignore the crimes of Hamas, it explicitly rejects condemning them. Quote:

Shurat Hadin wrote that since the Gaza border conflict, fire kites and other violence from Gaza that started on March 30, Israeli farmers have suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses from the residential property, farmland and crops targeted and destroyed by Hamas.

The NGO wrote that, ?These farmers and their families have endured the daily barrage of incendiary devices launched from Gaza, as well as the trauma of the incessant attempts to invade Israeli communities and murder civilian men, women and children in their homes.?

Alleging that Mashal, Arouri and Jabarin and Hamas?s military wing directed the terror campaign, Shurat Hadin said that an ICC probe would find ?blatant violation of the Rome Statute (Articles 8 (2) (c) (viii) and 28), which prohibits the murder of non-combatants, the destruction of civilian property for unlawful purposes, and the use of civilians as human shields.?

It quoted a Hamas-affiliated group as saying: ?Allah willing, (the incendiary devices) will light up and burn fields and houses (they will get to a place where it will burn a large area.?

Moreover, the complaint said that, ?Hamas transported civilians to the border for the purpose of burning 10,000 tires and throwing gasoline bombs as well as openly issued propaganda videos advising civilians that the purpose of burning tires was to mask the movements of its armed militants, who had been directed to murder Israeli civilians.? End of quote.

So much for those ?peaceful? protests, the Jew-hating left keeps banging on about. Quote:

Traditionally, crimes against humanity has been thought of as mass murder. But the ICC Prosecution has also declared that in certain circumstances destroying property can be a crime against humanity, such as regarding Mali.

The complaint also details several individual incidents in which armed Hamas combatants, sometimes with explosives, breached or tried to breach the border and set fire to fields or sought to attack civilian villages.

Israeli experts have argued that attempts to purposely target civilians, whether with rockets or other weapons, can be war crimes?Besides the fire kites, Shurat Hadin said that since May, Hamas and other Gazans have fired 250 rockets or mortars into Israel targeting civilians. End of quote.

If nothing else, this Israeli action will call out the United Nation?s bias. At best, it may serve as a template for turning the sort of lawfare that Pallywood, the Islamic supremacists at the U.N, and their Western camp-followers, have used so cynically for years.

But the Israeli farmers will need a really good lawyer. One who can boast of their experience in international criminal courts, dealing with ?war and human rights abuses?. Perhaps some community-spirited New Zealander might volunteer her services? After all, better Israeli farmers than genocidal murderers, right?

I?m sure the Israelis would even be happy to pose for selfies.