Ardern and Curran were wagging school yesterday…

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

After returning to the country and discovering her former flatmate, Curran had been totally decimated in parliament, Jacinda decided to have a “work from home” day on Thursday…

This should read as a “scream at the walls” day for Jacinda, who is hell-bent on keeping her friend and former flatmate in cabinet… if that is now still possible.

But let us not forget that Jacinda is avoiding questions herself over the double trip to the island resort, so to speak. And so she should…

So Jacinda decided to stay home today, no doubt catching up on breastfeeding and expressing milk.

Don’t misunderstand me. I do not wish baby Neve any ill will at all. It is just that Jacinda said she could handle this, but obviously, she can’t.

So Jacinda decided to ‘work from home’. Excuse me while I laugh.

I.T. professionals can work from home, so long as they have adequate broadband capacity and online storage.

Accountants can work from home, so long as they have no clients who want to see them.

The prime minister doesn’t do anything that can justify ‘working from home’ – does she? Isn’t the role of prime minister essentially a figurehead?

So Winston was left to answer all the questions yesterday.

As we all know, this is no problem for Winston. But even he was struggling at times. All he did was deflect the questions. He’s good at it, without a doubt… but even he cannot make up for this government’s arrogance and incompetence.

But then, we also have Clare Curran.

Clare Curran had a miserable day in the house on Wednesday. So bad, in fact, that it is being described as the worst performance of a minister in parliament, ever.

Oh well. It is good to know that Clare can exceed in something.

She also had to have a babysitter in the house. Really, this kind of behaviour is pathetic for government ministers.

And as for Kelvin Davis… well, he has been missing in action for almost a year. No one actually expects to find him in the house. It is a bonus if he actually ever turns up.

Nine years of arrogance summed up in one year. They behave as if they are a third term government. They are not.