Ardern steps up

According to Newshub, last Saturday Ardern was “off to New York […] for the General Assembly, where she’ll deliver the keynote address at the opening of UN Climate Week.”

Not even the official?United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website is claiming that “Climate Week” is a UN event.? Obviously, they are supporting and promoting it but Climate Week is run by The Climate Group, a UK based charity.

The official website for Climate Weak?Week says this about the opening ceremony: Quote.

Climate Week NYC 2018 will be a key moment for global climate action. The Opening Ceremony is one of the most critical events in the climate calendar and will set the agenda in a crucial week for those making the changes needed to meet the Paris Agreement. Taking place just a few blocks from the United Nations General Assembly, The Opening Ceremony also plays an important role in bringing together world leaders from both the business and political spheres to act on climate.? End of quote.

So while the New Zealand media may be big-upping the whole boondongle, here at?Whaleoil we know the facts.

The website?for this event is somewhat lacking in detail with contradictory information so I have not been able to drill down into the detail.

Screen grab Whaleoil

I think it is September 24.? Quote.

The Rt. Hon Jacinda Ardern MP, Prime Minister of New Zealand; President Carlos Alvarado Quesada, Costa Rica; President Hilda Heine, Marshall Islands; and President Mart?n Vizcarra, Peru have all been announced to speak in the first session of the Opening Ceremony on September 24. They will be joining President Jovenel Mo?se, Republic of Haiti, who was announced earlier this year.

Each of these leaders is passionate about climate action.

Prime Minister Ardern has pledged for New Zealand to reach zero net emissions by 2050; President Alvarado Quesada has committed Costa Rica to be the first fully decarbonized country in the world; President Heine, as well as pledging the Marshall Islands to reach zero net emissions by 2050 is also the convenor of the High Ambition Coalition and President of the Climate Vulnerable Forum; President Mo?se is a regional leader in electrification and President Mart?n Vizcarra this year signed South America?s first specific framework law on climate change.? End of quote.

My goodness, with those world powerhouses together in one room there’s no stopping it – climate change is solved.

These five leading nations of CO2 production have a combined surface area of 1.632 million square kilometres.? That is almost 0.33% of the entire land area on earth!

Add together the immense output from these five nations and it represents 0.7% of the GDP of the entire planet and, coincidentally, they represent 0.7% of the earth’s population.? The sooner they all achieve zero carbon, the sooner we can rest easy knowing that the climate is safe.

Although looking at the “achievements”, Pres Vizcarra is a bit of a lightweight in that august group, wouldn’t you say?? All he has done on behalf?of Peru which, by a huge margin, is the largest country in that group, is sign a framework. The others have all pledged real serious disruption for their respective economies.

Is this really the best collection of political worthies that they could get together on a stage to solve climate change?

It is very much a ‘big fish, small pond’ scenario.? Still, our glorious leader is “calling on their peers and governments to do the same ? to put the world on-track to achieve the Paris Agreement.” And no doubt our media will fawn all over her every utterance.

I shall let?The Climate Group?s CEO, Helen Clarkson, have the final word: Quote.

?To have so many government leaders who are also world leaders on tackling greenhouse gases together, at one time and in one place is incredible. They demonstrate what it means to ?step-up? on climate action and are an inspiration to the rest of the world. This is what Climate Week NYC is all about and a fitting moment for its 10th year.?This unique gathering of leaders comes at a critical time for global climate action.”? End of quote.

You can all rest easy in your beds tonight knowing that Ardern, on behalf of New Zealand, has ‘stepped up’ and is an inspiration to the rest of the world.

Be proud and hold your head high.