Are the Greens going to let Maori fish for trout without licenses?

Eugenie Sage has introduced a Bill on Indigenous Fish which has preferential treatment for Maori.

The bill goes to its first reading tonight at 9pm. Quote:

Section 26ZG amended (Application of Part)

Replace section 26ZG(2)(c) with:
(c) the taking, holding, possession, sale, or disposal of freshwater fish by?
(i) a person who is specifically authorised under the Fisheries Act 1983, the Fisheries Act 1996, or any regulations made under either of those Acts; or
(ii) a person who is specifically authorised under any regulations made under section 48B of this Act; or
(iii) a person acting under the authority of a registration of a fish farmer under Part 9A of the Fisheries Act 1996; or
(iv) a person who is authorised (whether generally or specifically) by or under Treaty settlement legislation.? ?End quote.

Clause (iv) means that Maori may be able to negotiate a Treaty settlement that means they do not need a sport fishing licence.

They could end up with the same rights as Canadian First Nations peoples have – they don’t have to abide by any regulations and can catch fish in nets or indeed in any manner they choose that other sports fishermen cannot.

This would destroy the fresh-water sport fishing and tourism in many locations around New Zealand. It would show yet again that this government says one thing about the regions but is prepared to throw them under the bus to appease single interest groups like Maori or green nutters.