Are you tired of all the brainwashing yet?

Every morning last week, I was greeted by the same person with “Morena”. I responded each day, in my own special, Kiwi-English accent, with “G’day mate, how you doin’?” I don’t normally talk like that, but it just seemed completely appropriate to counter a greeting in a language that few of us has any serious interest in speaking.

But it was Maori Language Week, and so we must all do our bit.

Accountants are generally smart people, but spending your day sitting in an office covered in cobwebs does take its toll. Maori Language Week presents just that little bit of excitement that the average IR4 just cannot replace.

Or, at least, it does for some.

So when I went to log into the BNZ internet banking website on Wednesday, the above photo greeted me on the homepage.

My immediate reaction was to wonder why a bank would propose something so blatantly irresponsible as suggesting people do their banking transactions in a language that they do not understand?

It got worse. Having logged in to the site, a little box popped up in the corner of the screen, asking me if I would like to do my banking in Te Reo, and saying that there is help to do this, if I feel so inclined.

There were only 2 available responses to this suggestion. Thumbs up or thumbs down. A third option, with “Fxxk Off” on it would have been welcome, but no one from the bank has got back to me about my suggestion for that yet.

You see, I have no problem if people want to learn to speak Maori. I truly believe that it should be available and that people should learn it and speak it if they want to. What I really object to is having it rammed down my throat all the time. I have no interest in learning Maori, and I have never met a Maori who doesn’t speak perfect English. So what is the need for all this?

And of course, because this is Wellington, we also have this.

I’ll bet, by the time Maori Language Week rolls around next year, the entire newspaper will be in Maori. But that’s fine because I don’t read its sycophantic drivel anyway. Actually, it will be sooner than that, because we have to go through Matariki as well. Why don’t we just change the name of the DomPost permanently, and have done with it? That will make Justin Lester a happy boy.

I could also do without being lectured by Heather du Plessis Allan in the mornings, who thinks we should all learn multiple languages and that Maori should be compulsory. She is very fervent about it. She thinks that people like me who have no interest in learning Maori are troglodites.

I don’t give a stuff. Certainly, Heather, Spanish, French, Japanese or Mandarin might be useful. Maori not so much.

It is all a plot. A guilt trip. Exactly what I am meant to feel guilty about though, I have no idea. But we are all meant to feel guilty about something. And learning Maori will fix it.

Will it?

And then there is all the greenie stuff. As I eat my sushi from a plastic bowl with a plastic fork, both of which will be thrown away after a ‘single use’, I wonder why we can’t have plastic bags any more, which are often multi-use, but plastic sushi bowls are okay?

And then there is climate change. Ever since the first Agricultural Revolution (approximately 10,000 years BC), humans have farmed animals. Now, it seems, farming is bad and we have to do less of it. But farming is a bit… well, essential, really, as it provides us with food. We need food. There is no conclusive evidence for climate change, as we here on Whaleoil already know, and there is no conclusive evidence that getting rid of ruminants will fix it. Weather events happen all the time. Nowadays, they are all attributed to climate change, but nobody really knows that. It is all just a convenient untruth. Eat your heart out, Al Gore. Although he has made a fortune out of ‘climate change’, as so many of its proponents have.

But why would we want to damage our health by eating less protein? And why should we destroy our primary industries, just because virtue signalling idiots think that we might be destroying the atmosphere? Chances are, agriculture is not destroying the planet, but by the time we realise that it may be too late for our farmers. And that would be just plain criminal.

Just like it was criminal to deliver a body blow to our profitable oil and gas industry without a sideways glance.

The thing is that this is all nothing more than brainwashing. Maori are not trying to force us to speak their language. By and large, it is virtue signalling white people that do that. Maori people speak Maori if they want to and do not speak it if they don’t want to. They tend to be fairly relaxed about it. But non-Maori are being harassed into speaking the language, by virtue signallers like HDPA, who thinks she has the right to tell us all what to do.

And, like a bunch of numerate sheep, the accountants all went along with it this week. 1, 2, 3, 4, baaaa…

Even if we are damaging the atmosphere with our 0.02% of global emissions, so what? If the world really is going to hell in a carbon handcart, let’s get the big emitters to take action first. Because reducing our carbon outputs to zero ain’t going to save the world all on its own, is it?

So why are we constantly being told what to do, what to think and how to behave? Is it all about white guilt over… something?

Nope. It is all about control.

Credit: Luke

Pass me a sugar-coated, non-halal steak in a plastic bag, will you?

Ka kite ano.