Asians join Jews at the back of the left’s bus

Caption: Try to help us, will ya, Trump? Well, take that!

As I wrote, some time ago, Harvard really hates Chinks. Now, it?s starting to look as though the rest of the left is getting a bit leery of the fabled Yellow Hordes.

It?s sometimes been joked that, if Donald Trump said Nazism was bad, the left would swap the pussy hats for swastikas in a heartbeat. Blubber-bodied feminists and emaciated soy-boys would start goose-stepping and Sieg-Heiling until they dropped. Which, let’s face it, would be less than half a turn around the block.

But, once again, the left prove to be stranger than satire.

?Racism? is the great bugaboo of the left. But if Trump says racism is bad, then suddenly racism is just jim-dandy as far the left is concerned. Quote:

Far-left Vox defended racially-biased policies against Asian-Americans at Harvard University on Thursday, the same day that the Trump administration sided with a group of Asian-Americans who claim that Harvard discriminated against them based on their race. End of quote.

So the Trump administration takes up the cause of high-achieving Asian-Americans discriminated against by Harvard, in favour of less academically-successful, but far more intersectionally-correct blacks and Hispanics? Cue Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says, ?No American should be denied admission to school because of their race??

Oh, yes they should! screams Vox. Quote:

Vox…rushed to defend Harvard’s racially-biased policies:

Vox claimed that Trump administration “dug up a two-year-old complaint against Harvard that alleges the school has quotas on how many Asian Americans it accepts” and used that to launch an investigation into the university, suggesting that the Trump administration sought to exploit the situation because the administration is made up of “white affirmative action opponents.” End of quote.

Now, it should be pointed out that the author of this ninny-headed piece was the presumably Asian Alvin Chang (unless he?s the brother of Seinfeld?s Donna Chang?), ?Senior Graphics Reporter? at Vox (I think that means that he makes pretty pictures so that even Vox readers can enjoy a story).

That counts for nothing, of course. As we see, the most virulently anti-white racists on the left are almost invariably as white as the driven snow. Ol? Alvin might be as yellow as the driven slush, but if that durn? Trump says anti-Asian discrimination is bad, Alvin?ll just punch himself right in the face, to prove that Orange Devil wrong. Quote:

Vox claimed that other conservatives, like former President Ronald Reagan, have used Asians as “political props.” End of quote.

Unkind commentators on Twitter naturally had a field day, noting that Vox was defending racism for the greater good and that they?d heard that argument made before. But the best comment was from Kurt Schlichter: Remember, to liberals you aren’t a human being. You are a category, ranked on usefulness to the liberals.

It would be funnier if it wasn?t true.