Auckland oilers: Anyone keen to meet up?


As you may have noticed, there have been a few gatherings of Whaleoil readers around the country recently.

Dunedin had a Saturday mid-morning coffee catch-up, Bay of Plenty had a Tuesday after work event at the beautiful Mt Maunganui, and of course, Wellington has it’s regular ‘last Wednesday of the month’ gathering, where we slum it with the politicians at the Backbencher. Last but definitely not least is Bluburd at the Quarry in Christchurch, which really was the trailblazer for putting faces to Disqus usernames.

There was a good number of you that had planned to meet up prior to the Southern Molyneux event, and even though that was cancelled at the 11th hour, most of you decided to go ahead and meet up anyway. The feedback I had (and there were photos to prove it!) was that it was a great night, and it was really good to be among a diverse group of people, who all shared a commonality.? You read Whaleoil.? You are prepared to openly discuss and listen, without immediately applying labels.? Alt-right, far right, stale white male …? it’s a long list of insults that mostly do not apply.

I’ve had a few readers contact me expressing an interest in an Auckland gathering.

Given the size and geographical spread of the City of Sails, I think we need a couple of options.? Maybe we set up two or three ‘locations’ at different times, and then people can choose which best suits.

Pubs and bars that serve food seem to work best rather than restaurants that require a booking. It’s easier for people to move around to talk to others, and it’s easier to handle shifting numbers as people join and leave, or can’t make it at the last minute.

This post is to gather suggestions.

  • Do weekdays work best or weekends?? Should we set up one of each?
  • Locations?? North, south, east, west?

Please email me ideas, tell me what works for you and we will formulate a plan. While much like our current government, we absolutely can’t promise to please everyone, we’ll do our best.

If you are willing and able to be a contact for your local event, please let me know.

Email events at with Auckland in the subject line.