Bowtie-wearing loser blames Winston for government woes

There is only one thing worse than a useless retired politician. That is a useless retired politician who keeps on commentating from outside of the system he played for over 30 years. Quote:

Peter Dunne is a man who was comfortable in any government just so long as he had a job and he is blaming Winston Peters for the woes of this government: Quote:

Former MP Peter Dunne has blamed the Government’s recent woes on Winston Peters getting a taste of the power while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was on maternity leave.

The veteran ex-United Future leader told The AM Show on Monday Mr Peters was “emboldened” by?his six weeks in the top job.

“When he was Acting Prime Minister while she was on maternity leave, he did a reasonable job. In a way that’s emboldened him and I think the contrast between the relatively calm times during her absence and the chaos that’s occurred since, is pretty stark – and he’s playing to that.”?End quote.

And why not, because it is clear little Cindy has no idea.?Quote:

Since coming back from maternity leave, Ms Ardern has had to deal with?accusations of physical violence against one of her ministers, and the?resignation of another.?End quote.

None of which are Winston’s fault, or from his party. It is all Labour with their stupidity and ineptitude.?Quote:

Mr Peters has also publicly disagreed with Government ministers on issues like the refugee quota.

“We’ve had pretty good evidence over the last few weeks just how deep the divisions are, the fact that all policy now effectively rests on New Zealand First,” said Mr Dunne. “It’s not a Labour-led Government – it’s a New Zealand First-led Government, even though they’ve only got 7 percent of the vote.”?End quote.

And how many percent did Peter Dunne ever get? NZ First can do what they are doing because they are actually doing the work. Labour’s ministers are lazy and showing it. In any organisation, there are shirkers and dead-shits. Labour just seems to have more than the average.?Quote:

His comments come after a?carefully stage-managed event in Auckland?on Sunday, where Mr Peters and Ms Ardern spoke of a “unified” coalition and answered vetted questions.

Mr Dunne called it a “sort-of kumbaya stage session”, while National leader Simon Bridges said it was a “Trump-like attempt to avoid tough questions with a stage-managed pep rally and carefully vetted questions”. End quote.

Dunne is a pontificating arse-hat. He thinks his poo doesn’t smell. If he was so good at his job we wouldn’t have a drugs problem with people dying because of the synthetics regime he put in place. He’d know all about kumbaya sessions, his entire campaign strategy was always that he was “Mr Reasonable.”

But, who could ever trust a man in a bowtie?