Brash calls for Massey VC’s head to roll, but the dopey woman doubles down

Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas Photo credit: Massey university.
Digital image credit: Pixy

Don Brash has called for Massey University’s vice-chancellor to resign: Quote:

A “stunned” Don Brash has called for Massey University vice-chancellor Jan Thomas to resign over her “totally misleading” explanation for cancelling his campus speech.

The former National Party leader was barred from speaking at Massey University after Thomas cited security concerns – but documents released under the Official Information Act reveal a different story this morning.

Brash was due to give a speech to the University’s Politics Society in August, speaking about his life in politics, but after a threat to security, the university canned the talk.

It was revealed in an Official Information Act request, by right-wing blogger David Farrar, documents show that security was not the main concern, but Thomas saying she didn’t want a “te tiriti led university be seen to be endorsing racist behaviours”.

Brash, speaking to the?Herald?from Beijing today, said it was clear in the press statement made the day before the Politics Society event was going to take place that security concern was a pretext, it was not the real reason for its cancellation.

“She has no alternative but to resign.

“Frankly I don’t think she has got any other alternative. She has been dishonest about the whole thing and clearly hoodwinked many involved, including me,” Brash said today.

“The press statement alludes briefly to security concerns, but then talks about my so-called support for the two right-wing Canadians and talks about at some greater length about Hobson’s Pledge.

“It implies we are engaged in hate speech, it was always a pretext.” End quote.

Jan Thomas has now made an announcement and doubled down:

What a stupid woman. She is trying to justify her manipulative behaviour and also mitigate it by offering up another chance. The emails are clear she tried every which way to shut down the speech, including de-funding university clubs. When all that failed she relied on safety concerns and then lied repeatedly to the media, the public and to her own board.

The Massey University Students Association has declared no confidence in the vice-chancellor:

She needs to emigrate back whence she came.