Bridges says Cindy is ‘hard to trust’

Simon Bridges says Jacinda Ardern is ‘hard to trust’. How can this be, she never tells a lie? Quote:

Leader of the Opposition?Simon Bridges says the prime minister misled Kiwis over when?the chief technology officer role was offered to Derek Handley.

He called attention to an?apparent discrepancy between when Handley said he was offered the job,?and Jacinda Ardern’s comments on the recruitment process.

On August 24, Ardern?described Handley as a “qualified and capable candidate”?for the role.?She indicated a decision was still to be made, with the?appointment process in its “final stages”.

This week, Handley?said he was?offered and accepted the position?a month ago.? End quote.

Someone is telling porkies. Given the less than truthful handling of when precisely Clare Curran resigned I’d say that Derek Handley is telling the truth.?Quote:

Bridges called this Ardern’s “second recent timing lapse” after she told the media a week ago that she wouldn’t fire Curran “when she knew her wayward minister had already resigned”.? End quote.

Yep. Jacinda Ardern doesn’t directly lie, she lies by omission, That is still lying.?Quote:

However, a spokesman for the prime minister said Handley was “inaccurate” to say he’d been offered the job a month ago.

While Handley may have been the “preferred candidate” at this point, “he?did not have a full and final signed-off agreement,” he said.

“There is no discrepancy. At that time [August 24] Derek Handley was still in the recruitment process.”? End quote.

Jacinda Ardern is getting real good in dancing on the head of a pin in those tiny little tap clogs.?Quote:

The?Government will?pay Derek Handley?$107,500 in compensation?after telling him he would become the country’s first chief technology officer and then withdrawing the offer.

Bridges slammed the “non-appointment” as an “expensive shambles” that would cost the taxpayer.

He said while the PM?”is allowed to be friends with Mr Handley”, the public deserves to know the level of?personal friendship and must be assured there were?no direct communications between them about the appointment.

“The Prime Minister also needs to assure New Zealanders that the handling of Mr Handley’s citizenship was above board, since he was quoted back in March saying: ‘The Government changed and in its first month, this was done’,” he said.

“Until she comes clean about the Handley saga it will be hard to trust her assurances on anything.” End quote.

Remember the fuss over Peter Thiel’s citizenship…now it looks like Labour has a similar scandal on their hands. Jacinda Ardern also has to answer questions over her cozy dinner with Handley, and her boyfriend along with Brooke Sabin.

From the outside it looks like it is a classic case of a crony appointment with a scant regard for due process.

One thing is certain now though. Jacinda Ardern has failed her own standards, she has fallen under the very high bar she set when it comes to being truthful. She certainly can no longer claim to never tell lies.