But does New Zealand WANT him back?

Caption: You’re not sending me back to Taranaki! Photo: Getty.

Australia has been deporting a lot of expat Kiwi undesirables lately, and if Pauline Hanson had her way, there?d?be one more, on a one-way flight home to Taranaki.

The question is: would New Zealand even want him back? Convicted criminal, notorious boozer (and associated liver problems that?d probably be a burden on the Kiwi health system in years to come), a string of broken marriages, even a confession to an inappropriate past liaison with an underage girl. Jeez, who?d have him? Quote:

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has told Derryn Hinch to ?go back to New Zealand? in an explosive live television appearance.

Ms Hanson and independent Senator Hinch exchanged barbs on Channel 7?s Sunrise program this morning. End of quote.

Derryn ?the Human Headline? Hynch left New Zealand for our shores in 1963, and reached the height of his notoriety in the 1980s, as a stridently moralising current affairs host. His carping catch-phrase, ?Shame, shame, shame!? quickly passed into folklore as a kind of punch-line. What today would be known as a ?meme?.

Not content with grand-standing on the airwaves, Hinch became the oldest person ever to be elected to the Australian parliament for the first time, as a fringe Senate candidate. Quote:

Hanson was detailing what she had achieved with former PM Malcolm Turnbull when Mr Hinch interjected to cast doubt over her claims.

?I could speak to Malcolm Turnbull and he?d listen to what I?d have to say and I got a lot done, I?ve got to say that,? she said. ?But I think he?s the type of person who would have taken this personally to actually be thrown out.?

Mr Hinch cut in with ?What have you done Pauline?? End of quote.

Sunrise love to get Pauline on, and match her up with some lefty numpty because they know it?ll be ratings gold. It?s usually only slightly more edifying stuff than the average Jerry Springer episode, but who cares, so long as it livens up peoples? breakfast?

From there on, it was, as the young people say, on, like Donkey and Kong. Quote:

The discussion became outright aggressive with Ms Hanson claiming Mr Hinch is ?half asleep most of the damn time? and telling him to ?get on the next flight out of the country.?

Mr Hinch said in response that telling people to leave Australia was Hanson?s ?usual thing? and it was ?puerile, stupid.?

Ms Hanson said Mr Hinch needed to ?Go back to New Zealand and pick up your manners Derryn, and then come back when you?ve got some manners.? End of quote.

Hanson continued their little ding-dong with more sparkling bon mots. Quote:

As usual you don?t have a bloody clue what you?re talking about?you?re half asleep most of the damn time?You vote for the Greens most of the time, you have no idea, look ? I?m not here to argue with you, go and pack your bags and get on the next flight out of the country, that?s where you belong. End of quote.

No doubt the Sunrise producers were rubbing their hands with glee during this silly dust-up. Anyway, the offer?s there for Jacinda: she can?t have some photogenic reffos from Nauru, but we?ve an old, alky Kiwi with a criminal record, free to a good home.