Cabinet is now a creche

The puff pieces from overseas media outlets continue. While the local media are now aware of the considerable shortcomings of our current prime minister, the foreign media still treats Jacinda like the woman who is going to save the world single-handedly. Honestly, it is becoming quite sickening, particularly when you know the truth about our amazing ‘first family’.

This comes from?The Daily Mail UK?quote:

As New Zealand Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern approaches the end of her first year, her husband has spoken candidly about looking after their three-month-old baby. end quote.

Husband? I don’t think so. quote:

He told the women’s magazine that he and Neve can never be too far away from the PM, who is the country’s youngest prime minister in 150?years,?because she is still breastfeeding.

This even meant being an additional member at her recent caucus meeting in front of all of her Labour MPs and handing Neve over to his wife for her to breastfeed. end quote.

My memory might not be serving me particularly well, but didn’t Jacinda say she could handle this? Didn’t she say that Clarke would stay home and look after the baby while she carried out her duties as prime minister? Didn’t she promise that she could do this? quote:

He told Grazia: ‘I can get Neve to sleep by pushing her around the boardroom.?I’m hell-bent on wearing a hole in that carpet because I’ve done quite a few laps of that table.’

In addition to being inundated with play-date invitations from parents, Mr Gayford opened up about being a?first time?parent and the responsibilities that come with the life-changing role. end quote.

Do you realise what this means? The important business of cabinet takes place while a baby cries, gurgles, fills her nappy and is pushed around the table in her push chair by her father? Tell me – do you think that it is appropriate for the cabinet room to?have the prime minister’s partner present for all the confidential goings on in cabinet?

I certainly don’t. quote:

He explained that choosing to be a stay-at-home father was a ‘no-brainer’ for him. end quote.

That could be because he is not a stay-at-home father. He travels around the country with Jacinda and the baby. He sits in on cabinet meetings. He turns up at every function she attends. He is no Bronagh Key or Mary English. He HAS to be seen, all of the time.

New Zealanders. We did not sign up for this. Quote.

He told Silverman: ‘It’s so much more than a job. I have no doubt I’ll look back on it as the best thing I’ve ever done.’

He and his wife recently met players from New Zealand’s All Blacks team after their win against Australia and were met with many wishing to share their own stories about raising children. end quote.

That ‘wife’ thing again. I see the international media are no better at fact checking than our own. But I can’t say that I am surprised.

John Key was criticised for turning up at All Black games and he was a competent prime minister. His wife behaved impeccably at every event she attended, which, from memory, was only the important ones. I think I can say with absolute certainty that she never attended a cabinet meeting. As, indeed, she should not.

This is the ‘modern’ world, New Zealanders, where babies throw up on cabinet papers. We never signed up for this. But, then again, we never actually signed up for Jacinda. Oh no. We have definitely had her thrust upon us and I, for one, am not happy about it.

The international media need to realise that she is a big mistake. She may look good in their countries, but they truly have no idea. Increasingly, she is looking poorer and poorer at home.