Cindy delivers nothing more than a TED Talk

Jacinda Ardern has delivered what’s supposed to be a reset for her failing government.

Instead, she delivered something that was somewhat less than?a TED Talk. NewstalkZB has said as much: Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has finished speaking at an event in Auckland this afternoon, where she outlined the coalition government’s plans.

Ardern, alongside?other leaders from the coalition, gave a ‘blueprint’ and priorities for where the government was headed.

The Council of Trade Unions says the coalition government has already made a difference to the lives of New Zealanders, because compassion’s at its heart.

The CTU says a hands-off Government was not working for New Zealand.

It says it’s very positive to see a Government that is committed to lifting living standards for all.

However, it says the Government can’t shoulder the responsibility alone and businesses absolutely must be prepared to pay higher wages.

Comparatively, The Taxpayers? Union isn’t impressed by today’s event, comparing the Prime Minister?s speech to a Ted talk.

It says it was focused on dividing the economic cake rather than growing it.

The group says there was not a single mention of New Zealand?s plummeting business confidence.

The National Party was also critical of the Prime Minister’s address.

Leader Simon Bridges called Ardern’s speech a?”rah-rah” speech that resembled a Ted Talk, adding that the PM was “desperate to show a united Government after the shambles of the past few weeks”.

What is in question is her judgment, her ability to lead a competent Government and whether her administration has a plan for dealing with the real issues facing New Zealand,” Bridges said in a statement.

Bridges also said the speech showed a “Trump-like attempt to avoid tough questions with a stage-managed pep rally and carefully vetted questions. This is a Government in damage control trying desperately to get itself together.” End quote.

I read it to see if there was anything I needed to be worried about. Then I read it again to see if it actually said anything.

Lots of fairy dust, no substance is my assessment.