Cindy running scared

Jacinda Ardern seems to be running scared of serious current affairs shows at the moment. Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has cancelled her planned appearances on both?Newshub Nation?and TVNZ’s?Q+A?this weekend, saying there was an issue with her diary.

Ms Ardern’s chief press secretary told?Newshub Nation?on Wednesday the Prime Minister would not be appearing on the show because he got the date of the interview wrong.

“There’s been bit of a diary issue in my team. There’s no question I remain very much available for any issue of the day,” Ms Ardern said on Thursday.

“This was a simple diary issue.”?Quote:

Sounds like an incompetence issue, or a Scaredy Cat issue. Cindy needs to pull on her big girls undies and front up instead of only ever doing soft interviews with kindy kids in abundance.?Quote:

It’s the third time the Prime Minister has pulled out of a scheduled interview with?Newshub Nation?in the past year. The other interviews were planned for August and February. End quote.

Once is a diary issue, twice is carelessness and three times is gutlessness. Someone is too scared to talk about Clare Curran, Meka the Muss and Winston Peters domination of a weak prime minister.

On the plus side she had handed the audience of The Nation, reputed to be three fifths of five eights of fuck all, to Simon Bridges.