Cindy says

PM Jacinda Ardern and President Donald Trump

Our media are all over Cindy in New York this week for the United Nations General Assembly. Cindy?s aversion to Donald Trump is well known in gumboot land and must be warmly welcomed by the American media who generally don?t like him either.

Of course, Cindy is the international poster girl for women who can have it all and do it all, albeit not as well as some of us would like. Until little Neve grows a voice, we won?t know how she rates her mum’s performance. We can only hope, for Neve?s sake, that Cindy successfully manages that aspect of her life.

Cindy uses the terms nationalist and isolationist to describe Trump?s America to our lazy media, who swallow it hook, line and sinker. She says she doesn?t like Trump?s discarding rules-based systems, particularly the United Nations. Quote.

Ms Ardern said she will discuss the need for international rules while she’s in New York, which is a thinly veiled crack at the US President and his flouting of systems like the UN.

But speaking to media in New York on Monday, Ms Ardern declined to take aim at Mr Trump directly, saying there’s “not just one country challenging the rules-based system”. End of quote.

Cindy won’t subscribe to Trump?s war on drugs.? She would not allow New Zealand to support Trump?s war on drugs because she believes a health-based approach is the answer to drug problems. 130 other countries signed up, but Cindy knows better.

Cindy picks and chooses her rules.? Apparently rules don?t work, which is why we are rehousing crystal meth producers and users back into their very expensively repaired state houses made unlivable in the first place by their vile drug practices. Cindy says they will never again be evicted. I say this could be very expensive for the taxpayer.

Iran?s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would be delighted if Trump actually was an isolationist because it would end his most recent nightmare. Does anyone actually believe Trump was shirking when he warned Iran to stop producing nuclear weapons? I say a shirker would step away from that little problem. How would Cindy deal with the Aya?s wayward behaviour? Perhaps a sit down with a cup of tea and a chat about the health issues around weapons-grade uranium enrichment?

Can anyone explain how Trump withdrawing American contributions to United Nations funding used to buy weapons for Hamas terrorists, or building a wall to keep illegals out to reduce crime in the United States is Trump shirking his international and national responsibilities?

Just because a few blinkered dickheads in New Zealand don?t give Trump credit, doesn?t mean he is wrong. Trump, many of us in gumboot land salute you!

Cindy better not get into a pissing match with the Don because he will outplay, outlast and outperform her on every level. She is so cocooned in her superior cotton wool bubble of celebrity television appearances and Neve and nanny-boyfriend photo-shoots that she is oblivious to the real world.

Cindy addressed an international meeting of climate change enthusiasts in New York, saying that climate change is her generation?s nuclear-free moment. And here we were thinking that addressing child poverty was her nuclear moment because that?s what she?s told us, since forever. What comes out of her mouth is completely fluid, and depends on who?s listening at the time.

However, her first address on American soil was, predictably, about child poverty.? Cindy said: Quote

Her government’s plans to lift children in New Zealand out of poverty and to assist low and middle income families.” End of quote.

So now she is thinking very hard about how to ping the wealthier residents of gumboot land for the money needed to shore up the less heeled.? Well, we all saw that coming.

Cindy needed a case study for her climate change audience but couldn?t find one in gumboot land, so she made herself the champion for our Pacific neighbours.

She told a gullible New York audience that our Pacific cousins face saltwater contamination of their aquifers, destroying taro crops.? This is old news.? Tuvalu’s 5mm per annum increase in sea level is recorded as far back as 1993.? Arguably, the devastatingly common cyclones that blow saltwater inland have been around forever.? Strange that there is no science on the record about the subject, but then climate change is a religious belief, not a science, so that?s okay.

Cindy also decided to address the future of the United Nations when she spoke at the Nelson Mandela Centre on the future of the United Nations, saying: Quote.

When we see a worsening security situation, we act. For too long, the United Nations and the international community have waited to react. Instead, we must be proactive and place greater focus on conflict prevention.

We must get better at identifying high risk situations and warning signs, before the conflict starts. We must not be silent in the face of intolerance, hate and discrimination. We must speak for those who do not have a voice. We must pursue equal rights for all.” End of quote.

Never mind that the United Nations has been strangely impotent over its entire life, Cindy believes things are about to change.? Who fed her these ridiculous lines? Who is going to change anything at the United Nations and how does she think things are going to improve?

Never mind that Donald Trump is the only international leader to date with the gumption to take on North Korea and now Iran, and yet Cindy is scathing of him.? She is pitting herself against one of the strongest men on the international stage today with nothing more than mere words.? We haven’t seen any actions from her to back up any of her promises.

Never mind that Cindy and her baby entourage are making fools of themselves in front of the entire world in New York, we can count ourselves fortunate that most people are simply too polite to say so.

Way to go New Zealand.