Cindy tried to look tough by sacking Meka the Muss

Digital image credit: Luke

Jacinda Ardern has obviously felt the pressure being applied on her about being weak and vacillating and has been forced by circumstance to sack Meka Whaitiri when she really probably wanted to do a whitewash: Quote:??

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has fired embattled MP Meka Whaitiri as a minister over an incident with a staff-member.

Whaitiri was stood down on August 30 after it was alleged she shouted at and manhandled a member of her staff three days earlier, and an investigation launched.

Ardern has received a report from the investigation and said while Whaitiri was still disputing aspects of the event, there was no doubt that an incident had taken place.

Whaitiri will remain as an MP and will still be the co-chair of Labour Maori caucus.End quote.

Great, signalling to Maori that violence in the workplace is acceptable.?Quote:??

It is understood the incident happened while Whaitiri was in Gisborne for an announcement by the Prime Minister and other government ministers which she missed because of a communication breakdown in her office.

The staff member had been in Whaitiri’s office for only a matter of days.

Ardern said she got the report on Wednesday night and had spoken with Whaitiri about the report on Thursday morning to let her know about her decision.

“Meka Whaitiri continues to disagree with aspects of the incident, but there are aspects which are agreed,” Ardern said.

I no longer have confidence in Meka Whaitiri as a Minister.End quote.

The dreaded words, uttered so that Ardern can play tough girl for a day.

Insiders in Labour had told me that Ardern planned to just admonish her, but wiser heads have advised that after weeks of being called weak she had to appear tough on this. Meka the Muss has taken the fall so her prime minister can look tough.

This will pose problems for Ardern long term and there are two embittered ex-Ministers now on the backbench. One, in particular, is a plotter from way back, but she may be too broken to do anything.

One other issue now rears its head just a day after Suffrage day and all the virtue-signalling that went on there from Ardern. That issue is that her ministry is down another women and Labour is now going backwards on equality. Ardern could hardly announce the removal of a woman from her ministry on Suffrage Day, could she?

With a talent pool as shallow as a car park puddle in summer, Labour is now well into the dregs of their caucus.