CNN publishes the dumbest, most racist article about Australia you’ll read

Denigrating an entire country as ?racist? is an extraordinary call. As such, it requires some extraordinary evidence. This right-on tripe from CNN doesn?t even bother trying to proffer extraordinary evidence. In fact, it openly concedes that the claim is a lie.

But, having conceded the bailey, the author resorts to some of the weakest motte defenses you?ll ever read. Quote:

Australia is the nicest racist country you will ever see. It is racist in a blithe, jokey kind of way, where nobody is supposed to take anything too seriously, and nobody is too aware of historical or cultural contexts.

There is racial violence in Australia’s history, but not a lot of it, compared with many other countries, and it’s not very recent. The racism you get in Australia is mostly of the blindness to privilege variety, where a person may make fun of another for their distinguishing characteristics without realizing that doing so is far more comfortable from within the demographic majority. End of quote.

In other words, Australia isn?t racist at all. We just mostly don?t subscribe to the cringing race-obsession of American-style leftist politics. Case closed.

Babbling about ?privilege? is pernicious nonsense. Any individual can be privileged, but to make the blanket generalisation that an entire group is ipso facto ?privileged? is pure bigotry. When you tacitly basing a ?privilege? claim entirely on race (for all that the author strove mightily to avoid saying ?white?, his race-obsession is screamingly obvious), then guess what?

You?re a racist. Quote:

Its Serena Williams cartoon, published Monday, was shocking in its harkening [sic] back to century-old Jim Crow-style imagery, but not exactly surprising, because there is something like that in the Herald-Sun all the time. It was also unsurprising in how the newspaper and its cartoonist, Mark Knight, subsequently defended the cartoon, which was simply to deny it has anything to do with race. End of quote.

No, it wasn?t ?shocking?, nor did it ?harken? back to Jim Crow imagery. It was simply a mildly amusing caricature, lampooning a revolting celebrity who happens to be black. Any comparison with the goggle-eyed, rubber-tyre-lipped imagery of Jim Crow is purely in the fevered imaginations of obsessive, race-baiting leftists.

In fact, the writer again immediately concedes that his argument is a complete lie. Quote:

There’s little doubt that Knight grossly exaggerated the nose and lips of Williams for the same reason he exaggerates the physical characteristics of most of his cartoons’ subjects: They are caricatures, and, as such, he targets differences and explodes them?On base logic, he was right to do so: It created only a minor stir domestically, and, I’m sure, more laughs than gasps among its core readership. To be clear, the Herald-Sun isn’t a niche publication: It is the biggest-selling newspaper in Melbourne, Australia’s most liberal city. End of quote.

Exactly. He is a caricaturist, doing what caricaturists do. This is nothing to do with race. Just shut up and admit you?re wrong.

Unfortunately, admitting that they were wrong just isn?t in the leftists? vocabulary. After all, if they went in for admitting their mistakes, they?d have dumped socialism like red-hot kryptonite sometime in the 1940s. Instead, just as they do with their repeatedly-failed socialism, leftists just dig in and peddle absurd circumlocutions that don?t fool anyone.

Except for other leftists. Quote:

Australians often find it unclear why such things as Knight’s cartoon are considered racist. End of quote.

Because they?re not. Quote:

A few years ago, my own daughter was given a golliwog doll. These things are intended as gentle humor, in good spirit, and expected to be taken that way?Because, in Australia, if no offense is intended, none can be taken. End of quote.

That?s the Australian way and it?s a damned sensible one – as opposed to the pearl-clutching, offence-taking, imported American leftist culture of feigning screaming, bullying outrage at the least, imagined, ?offence?.

The greatest hypocrisy here is that the left, for all that they sneer about ?American-style cultural hegemony?, have no hesitation in bludgeoning other countries with the worse manifestations of that hegemonic culture, when it suits them.

Australia is not America, thank God. In Australia, you can still (sometimes) call a spade a spade, and not a rectangular manual earth-moving implement.

Until the left start screeching that ?manual? is a patriarchal micro-aggression.