Commenter of the week


Here at Whaleoil, we have a lot of talented people making comments on our posts all of the time.

So, we have decided to shine a light? on the person we think has most deserved an accolade in the last 7 days.

Please note this is not about just one comment. We are looking for more than that. We are looking for someone who contributes constructively to our forum and to the messages we are trying to send.

Once again, there has been a lot going on in the last week, with the Derek Handley debacle, the media finally starting to get critical of the government and Jacinda having ‘diary issues’. She must think we are all really stupid. But it never end with this particular ship of fools.

Once again, we have a lot of brilliant comments.

This week, our Commenter of the week is…


Annoyed is the commenter with Avatar for his avatar. And I apologise, Annoyed, if I am assuming you to be a man, because I have no idea if that is true or not.

Annoyed makes a lot of very intelligent and informed comments, and clearly has a broad base of knowledge, which includes some good understanding of tax matters. I won’t bore the readers with the stuff on CGT this time, Annoyed, because I do enough of that already, but many of those comments add depth and understanding to the articles. Some of your other comments are worthy of a bit of sunlight too, which we will do right now.

From It’s not tiddleywinks, Cindy:

From This is what women bring to politics:

Totally agree with that assessment. Women are allowed to go into whatever careers they choose, and enforcing quotas of women in politics only means that we get poor quality politicians.

From More misery for landlords:

Agreed. The policies of this government are actually hurting those that vote for them. But that won’t change anything, because they’ll just carry on voting, same as always.

From General Debate:

All governments are held to account on their spending, but this government is already starting to rack up a lot of waste and, I agree that it is all about how it looks. That is all that matters really.

On Greg O’Connor emasculated for telling the truth while Jacinda laughs in background:

Too right, Annoyed. Jacinda is definitely not leadership material.

From General Debate:

That is what just about all of us on this blog believe. Work hard, take responsibility and your life will probably be better for it. Socialists want everyone to be dependent on the state. That is what we are all up against.

There is just one more comment that got our moderator Buzz E Bee excited, and so I think it also deserves a mention.

This was chosen as a featured comment, and was upticked over 100 times. To get that number of upticks is very rare. I have never seen it before. But it encapsulates an idea that it is something special to be a Kiwi, and no one should ever take it for granted.

So, a huge Thank You to Annoyed???for your contributions to the blog this week, and every week. And here, thanks to our wonderful digital image creator Technomage, is a small token of our appreciation.

Keep those comments coming, guys. We may dislike this government, but the opportunities to criticise them are endless.