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Here at Whaleoil, we have a lot of talented people making comments on our posts all of the time.

So, we have decided to shine a light on the person we think has most deserved an accolade in the last 7 days.

Please note this is not about just one comment. We are looking for more than that. We are looking for someone who contributes constructively to our forum and to the messages we are trying to send.

There has been a lot going on in the last week, (as there is every week with the CoL) with Jan Thomas’s lies, the appointment of a Maori Climate Commissioner who is a convicted fraudster and the celebration of 125 years of women’s suffrage. Now Jacinda is off to New York to be fawned over in the international media. Oops. Sorry. That is already happening. There will be plenty to write about there too.

Once again, we have a lot of brilliant comments.

This week, our Commenter of the week is…


I struggled with the post for Metricman, because he has made so many thoughtful comments this week that I had trouble choosing only a few to include in this post. So, apologies to Metricman if you feel I have left out some of the good ones. Honestly, I would be here all day otherwise!

Here is a comment on Jacinda having a ghostwriter for her book about herself…

Yes, she does. His name is Winston Peters.

You wouldn’t be talking about the leaders of our coalition parties there, would you, Metricman?


Spot on. Everyone has the same opportunity to go to university, but the family background will have a big influence on how a child turns out. We all know that. This is why it is so sad for many kids who could get a good education, but their family life is what is making it impossible.

We all answer the calls of our husbands, Metricman.?How we do so in secular households will be different to Muslim ones.

She got the prize for coming last. She became prime minister.

This comment was from General Debate:

Unfortunately true. New Zealand police have a deliberate policy of employing Maori, Pacific Islanders and even Asians and Muslims to try to arrest the claims that they are racist. Sometimes, there is simply nothing you can do to stop stupid people from killing themselves, sad though it is.

From Trump-like? You’ve got to be kidding me:

Nice thoughts there. Not sure I agree with you about the Springboks, but hey – let’s just agree to differ. I do find that even people I know who are staunch Labour voters have become apologists for the performance of this government. And we are only one year in, remember.

This comment is from Women can’t have it both ways:

So which song would that be, Metricman? ‘You Sexy Thing’? Really? It Started with a Kiss’? Well, it kind of did. “You Could Have Been a Lady?” No comment.

But I think you probably mean? “You Win Again”, or possibly “Everyone’s a Winner”, don’t you?

Personally, I think “Tears on the Telephone”, “Going Through the Motions” or “Mindless Boogie” would be more appropriate.

So thank you Metricman for your contributions to the blog this week and every week.? Our brilliant photoshopper Technomage has a little something for you –


We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Next week, we have a very special commenter that we would like to recognise. Watch this space…