Complaint laid against Meka the Muss by Graham McCready

Convicted tax cheat, blackmailer and serial litigant, Graham McCready has decided to make a pest of himself again by laying a complaint with police about Meka the Muss: Quote:

Serial litigant Graham McCready has filed a formal complaint of assault with police relating to the issues which led to Labour MP Meka Whaitiri being stood down as a minister.

In documents emailed to media and police today, McCready told police if it didn’t investigate then he would take a private prosecution “against the Hon Meka Whaitiri without further delay or notice”.

McCready’s complaint stated: “The alleged offender became engaged with the alleged victim and subsequently pushed the alleged victim.”

The basis of McCready’s knowledge appears to be a media report attached to the complaint. He claims the assault happened on a specific date at Parliament but provides no material to support the claim.

Whaitiri was stood down as a minister over what was described as a “staffing matter” while an employment investigation took place.

It has since been reported that a staff member who had recently joined Whaitiri’s office as press secretary had been pushed during a heated argument.

Whaitiri was known to have had a number of staff pass through her office since being appointed Customs Minister.

McCready has taken successful court action against politicians in the past.

Cardy wearing drop kick Graham McCready is a pest, but he will ensure the standard police response that usually comes when Labour politicians are in trouble, that there is no public interest in pursuing a prosecution.