Cows week

In the lead up to this Sunday’s cows4me tribute article, we would like to bring you some cows themed content, to honour our departed friend and commenter who was a Taranaki farmer.

As discussed last night,??cows4me was not much of a cat lover. He wasn’t much of a socialist either. Here he was, at his best, with a comment that encapsulated both views perfectly:

Okay,?cows4me. So cats have their uses, huh? Maybe not all cats are socialists after all.

And of course, he had a lot to say about socialists. He stated here what we all still believe, that socialists will be the end of our civilisation, not because they are evil, but primarily because they are stupid.

cows4me was definitely no leftie but like all farmers, who work incredibly hard, sometimes for not much return, he knew what it took to make it in the world. And from what I can see, he never complained… unless there was a virtue signaller in sight. Then he might have had the odd harsh word to say.

He wasn’t crazy about our ‘glorious leader’ either.

Well, we are talking about Comrade Cindy here now, aren’t we? She who is basically a communist. It is worrying that we have a communist as our prime minister. I guess cows4me wasn’t crazy about her either.

Well, guess what? Many of us agree with you, cows4me.?

Although you don’t know this cows,? unfortunately, right now she is in New York, ready to give President Trump a piece of her mind. I don’t know why she thinks he will be interested in anything she has to say. He has much bigger issues to deal with, such as the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

Oh, cows! We are back to cats again! “Toying with retarded mice’. Brilliant. Were you still talking about Cindy here?

And socialists…

Jacinda goes on about climate change being her generation’s ‘nuclear moment’. As if nuclear weapons are things of the past. Trump is trying to make them a thing of the past, at least in rogue countries but Jacinda still thinks he needs a piece of her mind.

But he doesn’t, does he cows4me? We think Trump is doing just fine without any input from her. I reckon you would have thought so too.